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    [SOLVED] Re: files copied from data dvd are read only

    OK so you've told it to allow the owner read, write, execute privileges. But are you the owner? Use

    ls -lto find the owner of the files and then you might need to use chown to change owner to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB Powered HDD not recognised

    It may be a hardware problem. I was unable to access a particular USB-powered external drive from one machine but could access it from another machine. Both machines running ubuntu 10.04. USB current...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 - different wallpaper for each workspace

    As far as I remember you can only have one wallpaper. BUT if you are willing to sacrifice having things on your Desktop you can have any bitmap you like as a background but you can't have all your...
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    Poll: Re: Trying to Decide Between Two Laptops

    I had a 386DX (the one with the built-in floating-point module as opposed to the 386SX which was the same darned chip but with the floating-point disabled so you had to buy a "co-processor" which...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Can you help me figure out why my scanns are bad?

    That's not a normal scan. Is the transparency scanning light plugged in and does it come on when you scan?
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    Poll: Re: Trying to Decide Between Two Laptops

    Isn't this a bit like basing your choice of vehicle on the engine alone? World of difference between a Suzuki Bandit and a Daewoo Matiz even if they both have 1200cc engines.
  7. Thread: Dos

    by underquark

    [ubuntu] Re: Dos

    Nobody has asked yet - what are the old DOS programs that you want to run? There might be an equivalent or better that will run native in ubuntu.
  8. [all variants] Re: Is it possible to use a flash drive as a hard drive to install ubuntu?

    I'd vote for Puppy, too. Currently running Puppy Lupu 5.2.8 installed onto a 1GB SSD and with 1GB RAM in a HP T5730 (ex "thin client"). Have added Firefox, Flash, VLC, Filezilla and a couple other...
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    Re: Microsoft Word question...

    Always supply it in a particular format if asked to do so. Failing that, or for blind e-mailing, I'd save it in RTF format. Most word processor applications can read it and most companies will open...
  10. [lubuntu] Re: Cannot boot Win98 after installing Lubuntu

    Another potential way of helping is if we know why you want to use Windows 98. Is it to run an old game, a particular piece of hardware (old, unsupported scanner, digitising tablet etc.)? If you have...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wine Vs Virtual Box

    I run both Wine and VirtualBox. If a program runs fine under Wine (I like Simple Sudoku, for example) then it launches quickly and I am happy. If I can't configure it easily to run under Wine then I...
  12. [lubuntu] Re: Question: Downgrade Ubuntu 10.04 to LuBuntu

    Is the laptop able to boot from USB or CD? If it does then I suggest that you try a number of different live CD's/USBs to see which one works best. I've had success with Puppy Linux on several...
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    Re: How loud is your CPU fan?

    HP t5730 under the TV running Puppy Linux 5.2.8 - no fan, no noise at all; only moving part is the on/off switch.
    Main PC running ubuntu 10.04 - 3 fans but a whole lot quieter than previously since...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to make a mini Ubuntu?

    How mini (i.e. how small do you want it to be)?
    What is your target machine, for instance, and why does it need to be really small?

    I installed ubuntu with lxde interface onto a 2GB IDE flash...
  15. Re: Script Assassin : Use code to destroy the person above you

    sudo apt-get remove oxygen-cursor-theme oxygen-icon-theme oxygen-icon-theme-completeSuffocate, darn you!
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    [ubuntu] Re: Program aliases

    I've always found that the Software Centre does a pretty good job of listing the programs and what they are. You can get a text listing from here.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: How can I convert my video collection to Blu-Ray?

    A lot of DVD players play Div-X as well. Blank CDs are cheaper than DVDs are cheaper than Blu-Ray discs.
  18. Re: Script Assassin : Use code to destroy the person above you

    xmodmap -e 'keysym M = X'
    xmodmap -e 'keysym G = X'
    xmodmap -e 'keysym T = X'
    xmodmap -e 'keysym L = X'
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    [ubuntu] Re: Want Numlock always on

    I sort-of remember how to do this but you'll need to experiment:

    Start with NumLock On

    open terminal

    xevpress some keys and you will see it show the key number for each (my NumLock key...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Disney encrypted DVDs and Linux

    Just as I was thinking of streaming videos but couldn't play back my (genuine) Pirates....Tides DVD, along comes a NAS from a friend and this thread to jog my memory. Hats off to Handbrake, yet...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot on XP computer

    Sooner or later your Windows machine will crash/break (and not just because it's running Windows) and your company IT guys will blame you for installing ubuntu. Why not create a boot USB stick...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Budget Hardware

    It was more a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)-certified organisation rather than just a tip that I meant. Many companies dispose of used IT gear, some refurbish and sell them on. ...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Budget Hardware

    I see that they are recycling hip and knee joints in Hereford. Is there a local council or charity technology recycle/refurbishment outfit nearby? Big companies often offload stuff to them as there...
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    [ubuntu] Re: A Huge Problem!

    If it's a new computer and you haven't used it yet then you won't have any data to lose so just re-install ubuntu.
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    Re: New laptop battery or new computer?

    Just one word of caution. It may not be the battery itself but the charging unit/module. I had (still have somewhere) an old monochrome laptop that worked OK with the battery removed but not with...
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