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    Re: extended partitions

    Which contradicts the statement in your original post of installing a supported and modern distro. This is somewhat equivalent to people using unsupported windows systems such as windows 7 and...
  2. Re: lubuntu 18.04 installed in 5 gb of 160 gb drive

    Read through post 7 and follow the instructions so that you get the correct iso download. Do an md5 checksum on the downloaded iso file. The purpose of this is to verify that there were no problems...
  3. Re: 20.04 -> 21.04 seems to fail, but I see a Hippo on the desktop.

    I don't have any suggestions to add to the post above but I am wondering if you are familiar with the Ubuntu support parameters. I am wondering what problem you had with 20.04 or what reason you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Remove Ubuntu & reinstall Windows.

    If you want to simply install windows to use the disk space and remove Ubuntu, it should be as simple as described in post 2. There are a number of sites which make it more convoluted than it is,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: need help with ubuntu 9.04 and chromium

    We, or at least I, don't care about the security of your computer either but do care about other people's computers and by using outdated and insecure operating systems, you are jeopardizing other...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Booteable USB for Legacy and UEFI

    No problem.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: multiple OS are installed. mu pc taking automatic win 10 only, not showing ubantu

    If I understand your situation, you have Ubuntu and windows currently installed. Is your computer now automatically booting to windows? Since installing Ubuntu, have you successfully booted Ubuntu?...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Booteable USB for Legacy and UEFI

    The link I was referring to was posted by the OP in post 6 and was what the OP used to attempt to create a bootable USB to boot UEFI and Legacy. Reviewing that link shows nothing about installing in...
  9. Re: Grub Problem Updating from 20.04LTS to21.10

    I don't know what that means. For someone with your apparent limited knowledge of Grub, the best thing to do is to run boot repair with the Create BootInfo Summary option. Trying some repair when...
  10. [other] Re: Headless Server Goes Completely Offline While tuned still on

    I'm not sure if I am interpreting that statement correctly. I expect you are aware a default windows system can't read a Linux filesystem so you may mean software comparable to Event Viewer in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Booteable USB for Legacy and UEFI

    If you want to boot both UEFI or Legacy on different computers, you will need the bios-grub unformatted partition. I don't see anything in the link you posted that discusses booting in Legacy mode.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 21.10 Installation Failed to Find SSD Partition

    Use the Something Else option and in the Installation Type window you need to select the partition on which you had your previous install of Ubuntu. In the lower left part of that window you will...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Mounting NFS server with "Files" application (getting "mount point does not exist

    I generally create mount points for external drives or nfs mounts under the /mnt directory. You aren't required to do that you can mount it elsewhere. Are you following some tutorial on setting up...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Booteable USB for Legacy and UEFI

    In your initial post, you indicate that you "installed" Ubuntu to the LUKS partition. I take that to mean that you have an actual install of Ubuntu on the flash drive and that this is not a USB...
  15. Re: Lubuntu as default system (no screen for BIOS)

    You had windows 7 "originally" installed, what does that mean. Did you upgrade it to 8 or 10 or is it still 7? Windows 7 was almost always installed in Legacy/CSM mode and 8 and 10 almost always...
  16. [gnome] Re: can't create Icons on desktop anymore on 20.04 LTS

    The reason this doesn't work by default is intentional as explained in the article at the link below.

    The command below...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Mounting NFS server with "Files" application (getting "mount point does not exist

    Did you create a mount point "WhiteandNerdy" and if so, where? What happens when you "enter server address" shown at the bottom of that window?i
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Change all home Ubuntu folders path in a NTFS partition to share them with Window

    Sorry, that doesn't make any sense to me. The number of partitions is irrelevant it is the size of the partitions on the drive. You might post some information on your drive for example with the...
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    Re: apache php problem

    You should have an index.html page in /var/www/html. Your statement that nothing works isn't very helpful. What exactly does happen when you open your browser and in the address bar you type:
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    [ubuntu] Re: How large a /boot recommended for 21.10?

    If it's a dual boot with windows 10, it should be an EFI system, is that correct?

    Do you also have a separate /boot partition in addition to the EFI partition? If so, why?

    Post the output of...
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    Sticky: Re: Windows refugee that has just landed on the shores of linux

    This forum is an excellent source of information and help and I would suggest tht in the future, if you have specific questions, you ask them here.

    The link below takes you to the official Ubuntu...
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    Re: Ubuntu 21.04 no longer boots

    You can easily ascertain how much space you have left on a mounted partition which will always include the / system partition. If you are still able to boot the system, the first place to look to...
  23. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Booting into Ubuntu MATE partition with Windows 10 as main OS

    The steps in the video you posted are correct for a Legacy install of both windows and Ubuntu if you want to boot both from windows. They won't work at all on UEFI but since you are using Legacy,...
  24. Re: Ubuntu Bootloader installed on internal drive

    You will need to fix that as the fstab file will show /boot/efi mounted on the internal windows drive. You have to boot into Ubuntu or use a live cd/usb to change the entry so that it points to the...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: MacBook Air vs Grub and Windows - Cannot boot up Windows

    If you have the boot repair software and are unfamiliar with Grub, you should run boot repair again and select the Create BootInfo Summary. When it finishes, it will give you a link you can post...
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