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  1. Re: Guide how to change WPS Office for Linux(Kingsoft Office Chinese ver.) to English

    @ghoracek, the '~/' (wave) refers to your home directory and the '.' (dot) show that it is a hidden directory (like you said). So ~/.fonts will refer to the hidden fonts directory in your home...
  2. Re: Basic Network Mouting: Ubuntu 12.10 Mounting Windows Shares cifs

    WOW!! Your cifs connection string really helped me to get my xUbuntu shared folder to mount after trying for an extensive period of time.

    If I'm correct then you can use a / or \ to escape a space...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Intel 82865G, intel driver - no GLX

    Thanks!!! Your solution helped me to fix the following error on the same card.

    For those that arrive here in the future, you will need to use the xorg-edgers PPA to get bleeding edge Xorg and...
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