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    Re: "Aero Snap" in openbox

    I have a laptop with 1920x1200 screen resolution and I use "window tiling" in openbox alot.

    Programs remember their last size and position....

    Ctrl, Windows, Alt+Arrow keys and Alt+Tab is your...
  2. Poll: Re: Epiphany or Firefox default browser for Feisty?

    I think it must be Firefox.

    But Opera is the best :)

    I use opera weekly builds. Works great!!
  3. Re: What antivirs, anti-ad, anti-spyware, etc. software do you use?

    In win XP I use Comodo free firewall, Free avast4 and AdAware.

    In Ubuntu I dont use nothing extra. Maybe I will try Firestarter for iptables.

    My dualboot PC is behind a wireless router with...
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