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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Problems Backing Up To External Hard Drive

    Grsync is easy to use, and is in the repos.
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    Re: Problems installing AMD driver

    For a couple of years, people have been saying that the open source Radeon drivers are superior to the old fglrx drivers.

    This is no great surprise. ATI, to their great credit, has worked closely...
  3. Re: High CPU load on fresh installation Xorg

    Here's something about your problem, which apparently is not unique.
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    Re: purchasing tablet

    A quick Google search turned up recommended tablets:

    And a way to install Linux on an Android tablet:...
  5. Re: Accidentally Deleted File in Nemo - HELP?

    Here's what Google found.
  6. Re: Ubuntu 18.04 an alternative to hibernation

    In the "Shut Down" wizard, there's a "Suspend" option. Hit that. It's the same thing the system does when you close a laptop.

    Ubuntu 14.04 reached its End of Life last April 30, 5 years after...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Apt upgrade constantly upgrading same packages?

    It is quite true that some PPAs will push out a new build of that program every damn day. Nothing to worry about.
  8. Re: Desktop fails to load, after adding 2nd gpu.

    It sounds like installing with a single GPU and then adding a second one is your problem, because the UI is confused. Simply reinstall. You certainly are not the first Linux user to reinstall the...
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    Re: new to ubuntu

    These days, EVERY computer needs to be online. If yours is not, you'll never get updates or be able to install any software. Bear in mind that every Linux distribution is very secure from malware....
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Auto mount and dismount Windows HDDs

    To dismount the drive, right-click the drive's icon and select "Safely Remove Drive" or "Unmount Drive."
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    Re: Netflix Trouble In Linux!

    Firefox' Preferences do indeed include a DRM checkbox, which, by default, is on.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: GSConnect on 19.04 - Issue with display resolution?

    I have gotten weird screen weirdness on occasion. You almost always, if worst comes to worst, hit CTRL-F1. It will get you to a console, where you have to log in.

    Then type:
    rebootA reboot should...
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    Re: Netflix Trouble In Linux!

    Great Scott!! You really DO learn something every day!

    And I have made Yet Another Uninformed Comment:oops:.
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    [ubuntu] Re: firewall for home network question

    Here's what to do:

    sudo ufw enable

    It will return
    firewall is enabled and added to startup
    Or words to that effect.
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    Re: Netflix Trouble In Linux!

    Chrome is the only plug-and-play way to use Netflix on Linux.

    Install Chrome, enter your Netflix password, and entertainment ensues.
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    Re: Can't Boot To USB

    Do you get a "Operating System Not Found" message?

    Then, try reburning the USB. Etcher is nearly perfect for the purpose. Also, double-check to see that the USB is set for first boot device.
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Monitor died. Had to switch to a VGA only monitor and now Ubuntu wont display.

    These things can happen, and a reboot can fix things. Sometimes.
  18. Re: Why do you choose Ubuntu but not Windows or MacOS?

    I got tired of WinXP's constant malware.](*,), and tried Ubuntu 8.04. I fell in love, and used nothing but *buntu variations. In 2002, I bought a new desktop, which had Win7 installed. I kept a...
  19. Re: Installing Ubuntu on HP Gaming Pavilion 790-0026in

    I have, personally, never installed any version of Linux on a machine that didn't run it.

    Try booting from a USB. If it runs, it will run when installed.

    That's a 99+% certainty.
  20. Re: Ubuntu 18.04 (and also Kubuntu 19.04) won't boot/install from USB

    Have you booted in UEFI mode? I would recommend Legacy, and it might boot up better.

    Although there are Linux users who have succeeded with using UEFI, which is built for Windows anyway, Every...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: New - downloded ubuntu 18 04 LTS from Microsoft store - not behaving I think?

    Well, if anybody could screw up a distro, it would be Microsoft. Download ONLY from a Linux distro's webpage and load it into a VM. Maybe you'll love it, and maybe not, but you can see what's...
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    Re: Saying goodbye to Canonical

    I tried GNOME 3, and I hated having to install plugins to make it do somewhat I wanted it to do. Besides, I HATE huge program icons, and the MATE desktop, a fork of GNOME 2, is, and has been my...
  23. Re: Linux audio system - why are there 2 audio programs, alsa and pulseaudio?

    There's also JACK audio server, BTW.
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    Re: Ubuntu is or is not "Entry Level."

    And that's why I use Ubuntu MATE, and for around 20 processes with Manjaro MATE, that's where I play games; Manjaro is faster than Ubuntu, and the AUR has massive amounts of source code, and...
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    Re: Saying goodbye to Canonical

    And, weirdly, it came back to almost full working order. Dual-booting Ubuntu MATE 16.04, and Manjaro MATE, and I use both for different things.

    And I love 'em both. Of course, they're both Linux,...
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