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    [ubuntu] subversion client svn not working

    I recently installed the Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop (x86_64 GNU/Linux).
    And then installed the subversion package.
    Now I cannot checkout the source-code repositories. I get the following error...
  2. Re: Sanskrit input (Devanagari and transliteration)

    Hi Amerikkanu,

    I followed your directions for installing m17n (db and the lib) and proper changes to the mim fiels and the mdbḍir. Everything appears to be fine.

    If I type a (ordinary unicode-8...
  3. [ubuntu] Random Screen Distortions and Mouse/KB freeze


    I just installed the Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop. Randomly and very often I get get my screen distorted (A screenshot is attached).

    Sometimes my mouse and keyboard freeze (and if I am watching...
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