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  1. [ubuntu] native mobile broadband support under 8.10

    Are there any mobile broadband options available in the UK that will work with 8.10 without messing around with drivers, etc? This is for a laptop (plenty of usb ports) used by a complete linux...
  2. [xubuntu] Using cd to boot from USB on old machines

    We've built an encrypted Xubuntu 8.04 installation on an 8GB USB stick, with a 100MB boot partition and an encrypted root taking up the rest of the stick. We want to roll this out to a number of...
  3. [ubuntu] Need to boot an encrypted distro from USB

    I need to boot into a linux distro (preferably Ubuntu) from an encrypted USB drive. I have looked at the pendrivelinux site, which has easy to follow steps for creating bootable USB drives, but it...
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