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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Hard freezes at seemingly random intervals

    I have a HP Pavilion dm1-4004sa. I'm running Mint 13.
    I have been getting the same freezes, but since updating the
    firmware a few weeks ago I haven't had one freeze.
    Not sure if this is a...
  2. [gnome] Re: alt + button 1; "raise behaviour", 11.04 beta, compiz

    I use "traditional" Unix window focus as well, i.e. sloppy focus,
    no click on raise, use alt + button 1 to raise.
    Not being able to type into a background window is just dumb.
    I blame Apple.

  3. [ubuntu] Re: NSS LDAPS authtentication not working in 10.04.1

    By the way, it works with LDAP, just not LDAPS.
  4. [ubuntu] NSS LDAPS authtentication not working in 10.04.1

    Using NSS LDAPS authentication on our Ubuntu 8.04 servers for a number of years.
    Have tried to get this working with 10.04.1 Server, but it fails to
    contact the LDAP server.
    Am using the command...
  5. [ubuntu] 8.04.1 can't find disk (HP DL320 G4), 8.04 can.

    Have network install of Ubuntu 8.04 server (64-bit) setup.
    All works ok when installing an HP DL320 G4.
    When I upgraded the software image to 8.04.1 it can no longer find any disks. They're SATA....
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