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  1. Mythbuntu 14.04 serving Mythweb over SSL/HTTPS?

    I've been poking all over the Web including searching this forum but I've not hit the magic configuration yet.

    I have enabled SSL per /usr/share/doc/apache2/README.Debian.gz and the default page...
  2. Re: migrating from single BE/FE to singleBE/multiple FE

    Turned out to be rather easy.

    Made sure the frontend wasn't running.

    Started Mythbuntu Control Centre and enabled Mysql to listen on the network interface.

    Reconfigured the backend General...
  3. migrating from single BE/FE to singleBE/multiple FE

    I have a single machine BE/FE installation running 14.04.5 and it is working well. Everything is configured for I would like to reconfigure the BE/database to accept...
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    Re: Setting commerical auto-skip time limit?

    Thanks, I'll tinker with that. It's set at 3600 (1 hour!?) but I thought I'd changed that somewhere along the line. Dunno how it changed to that value.

    Edit Looking at that parameter the...
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    Setting commerical auto-skip time limit?

    Somewhere along the line I recall resetting the default auto-skip value of the commercial skip feature from 5 to 3.5 minutes or some such. At the moment I'm at a loss to find the configuration...
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    Alternate audio input (PVR-150)?

    I am using the PVR-150 with my Mythbuntu box and everything works very well. There is one issue that seems to be related to the PVR-150 hardware and that is distorted captured audio.

    I am using...
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    Customize MythWeb for favorite channels?

    Since my program listings in MythWeb shows all manner of channels I'm not interested in, is there some way, short of learning PHP and friends, to shorten the list of channels? As it is now it takes...
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    Re: How does mythbuntu work?

    Unless you plan to use a VGA to S-Video or composite video like an Averkey product, or you have a TV that takes VGA input, you'll want some sort of TV video output. I am now using the integrated...
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    Re: How does mythbuntu work?

    If you're familiar with the likes of a Tivo or other Digital Video Recorder, then you'll understand the main thrust of MythTV. But MythTV is much more than that. Some things I'm aware of that it...
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    Re: SiliconDust HDHomeRun

    HDHomerun product specs
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    Re: An ~Adequate~ HTPC motherboard?

    Regarding the VGA to composite/S-Video conversion cable, I saw one description that stated to the effect that a person needs to ensure that the video card can provide a TV-out compatible signal...
  12. Thread: Composite out

    by Nate B.

    Re: Composite out

    Beware that an older TV (like my Zenith from 1993) may not work well with an S-Video to composite adapter cable. I'm using an Averkey Micro for feeding my TV, but I don't think it is well suited for...
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    Re: I give up. Mythbuntu is to difficult

    I'm not trying to be crass nor unsympathetic, but it sounds like you may be using hardware that is a bit more obscure than most on this list. I installed Mythbuntu two weeks ago tonight and because...
  14. Sticky: Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    CPU: 3.0 GHz P4 HT (two penguins in KNOPPIx!)
    RAM: 1 GB
    Video Card: GeForce FX 5200
    Sound Card: SoundBlaster Live!
    HD: EIDE 40 GB (soon to be upgraded to SATA 500 GB or 1 TB)
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    Re: [8.04] LIRC for PVR-150 not workin

    Success! 8)

    I'm not really sure what I did except that in the course of playing around it came up working (8.04.1).

    First I did a `dpkg-reconfigure lirc' and selected None for both the remote...
  16. [mythbuntu] Strange graphics characters in from remote system

    Having just installed Mythbuntu 8.04.1 onto a recently procured computer, I'm doing tasks via ssh. I have several Debian Sid boxes and I've not run into this issue until I began using the Mythbuntu...
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    Re: the program u cant live without

    Absolutely! I've been using Linux since '96 and there is no way I can function without mc. Another package I install is fte--an editor more friendly than vi and smaller than emacs--in all its...
  18. Re: TV out working but need monitor output too

    A little bit of reading and fiddling with the original xorg.conf from the initial Mythbuntu install is working fine with the same output on the monitor as the TV.

    First I brought my monitor's...
  19. Re: TV out working but need monitor output too

    Well, that was easy once I was able to run MCC using ssh forwarding (ssh -X) from my desktop. Only thing is that once I reconfigured Xorg for a second display I lost the TV out. D'oh! Fortunately,...
  20. Re: TV out working but need monitor output too

    I'm in the same boat using a GeForce FX 5200 with S-Video and VGA outputs. When installing Mythbuntu I selected the S-Video output only to realize when I rebooted that the display was on the TV! My...
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