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  1. [ubuntu] Re: aMSN fails to connect after Hardy-proposed updates

    Argh stupid thing wont connect.. exaclty same problem used to work fine untill last night when I tried it. Stuck on connecting screen. I used 64bit Hardy heron .. hopefully there will be updates to...
  2. [ubuntu] Setting up sound so everything works - help!


    Does anyone know of a really good sound setup for ubuntu - Hardy Heron AMD64 - as I do have sound working but when I have both Amarok, Firefox and Virtual Box open things start to go wrong and...
  3. [other] Re: I now cannot read my hotmail with Thunderbird

    I have just installed the webmail plugin so I can read my hotmail emails.. it didn't work straight away as I had to change all the ports in the webmail settings above there defaults so I changed them...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Recording with Audacity through Line In

    Hey audacity does not work for me either.. Where is the Recording Tab? I don't even have that under preferences? This is very frustrating.. I know my mic works as I have tested it in "Sound Recorder"...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Voice commands

    Hey I have the applet on the destop but when I click start control it comes up with a message in the little icon thing saying "Calibration" and I try all of the comands but none of them seem to work?...
  6. [ubuntu] Print Screen -Picture not saving properly


    when I print screen or even take a movie of my desktop I get odd bits like taken out well this is what I mean:

    As you can...
  7. [ubuntu] Jack Controll with USB MIDI Keyboard - How to


    I recently bought a USB MIDI connector for my computer & am a bit bewildered on how to set it up with Jack Control. I tried using a guide from this link:
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to install application - Asking for Ubuntu Studio CD?

    Yes it works! Thanks so much mate! It's been bugging me for a while! Great forum!
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to install application - Asking for Ubuntu Studio CD?

    Hey, I'm checking now! Thanks very much I'll let you know if its worked! Very impressed with response time to my enquiry. Only just joined the forum!
  10. [ubuntu] Trying to install application - Asking for Ubuntu Studio CD?


    Well this is basically the problem. I go into add/remove in Hardy Heron Ubuntu and I want to install inkscape. I tick the box to install and I type in my password, then I get this message:
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