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    [ubuntu] Re: How do you install PCSX2?

    i'm having a problem with this it installs the chroot fine but i get this when trying to run pcsx2

    (natty_i386)root@linux-GA-MA785GM-US2H:/home/linux# pcsx2 --
    sh: Can't open...
  2. Poll: Re: Pulse Audio: Is it really successful or a disaster?

    everything works great for me in Ubuntu 8.10 haveing two machines running it my compaq cq50-103nr notebook and my emachines w3502 desktop.
    though in 8.04lts i had only one sound channel at a time...
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    Re: Mugen - Marvel vs DC

    you can run winmugen in wine though for me there is no sound and it crashes some times if enough ppl suggest it at wine's appdb then it might get more compatible so we can use all chars.
    cuz omega...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Firestarter Blocking Complete Access To The Internet

    ubuntu has a firewall built that is active by defalt it just doesn't have a user interface for tweaking it.
    your on Linux for jebus sake you have nothing to worry about your vertualy un-hackable....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu freezing

    by 6gb do you mean it is on a 6gb ubuntu partition?
    if so then you may be out of space witch causes it to freeze because there is no room for the updates to be stored.
    if that is what you mean i...
  6. Re: HOWTO: See video with NHJ, Ltd Che-ez! Snap / iClick Tiny VGA Digital Camera

    i just tryied it with skype again from terminal and this time it worked but it has green lines all over it the only diffrents is i'm useing xfce instead of gnome ill go try it in gnome and up date...
  7. Re: HOWTO: See video with NHJ, Ltd Che-ez! Snap / iClick Tiny VGA Digital Camera

    oddly enough i installed it with out doing anything in this guide with 64bit hardy and easycam2 and it works with aMSN perfectly and in cheese everything in the room is blue but it doesn't work with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to Format Hard Drive

    he needs to reformat the hard drive so "sudo apt-get install gparted" won't work right ppl?
    you just put in the live cd and use gparted(on the live cd under system>>administration>>partition...
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    [ubuntu] Re: App to capture from webcam

    i had the same problem only fix i know of is to put the mic right up to your face and convert the video to mpg with ffmpeg.

    in terminal type "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg" without "quotes" if you...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: good cheap usb wifi adapter for Ubuntu from walmart or office depot?

    thanks but i found one at wal mart that works natively.:)
    it's a belkin wireless g usb network adapter f5d7050 ver.4001 has a Zydas chip set and works with Ubuntu plug n' play.
    if anyone else...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: How to test Google Chrome in Hardy Heron

    yeah i want to try it as well but be paitiant.
    i hope the linux version will out proform the winblows version.
    google should have just gave full suport to firefox.
    chrome's simplicity with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Renaming Files

    right click the file then left click rename is the only way i know of.
  13. [ubuntu] [Solved]good cheap usb wifi adapter for Ubuntu from walmart or office depot?

    wondering if anyone knows of one.
    i need one thats available from one of those two stores cuz thats all i got near me and i rather buy locally then end up having RMA something.
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    [ubuntu] Re: new computer for Linux ?

    yeah i already got it(both it and the 32 bit version).
    I'm running 64 bit right now on my current PC but it's been where it won't turn on some times and on occasion it turns off for no reason(last...
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    [ubuntu] new computer for Linux ?

    OK I'm building a new PC as the one i currently have is near it's death.
    this is what i was thinking of getting.
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Brisbane 2.7GHz...
  16. [other] Re: how to download youtube videos.(easy way)

    true but folders aren't really that hard to click tho if my grandma wants to do it yeah i would recommend the other method.
  17. [other] Re: how to download youtube videos.(easy way)

    why re download it when it's already on your PC this eliminates the need or hassle of down loaders that need the url.
    and the video can be edited in Avidemux and played in totem.
    only + from url...
  18. [other] Re: how to download youtube videos.(easy way)

  19. [other] Re: how to download youtube videos.(easy way)

    you don't have to when it already downloads it.:)
    this is just something i though was interesting.
  20. [other] how to download youtube videos.(easy way)

    things you need Firefox 3.
    step one: go to you tube and watch the vid you want to download make sure it loads all the way!
    step two: go into your home folder then click view>>show hidden files.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Repositry games

    i had this problem where 3d games won't play.
    it's because your graphics card doesn't have (or possibly support) direct rendering(hence it says direct rendering no you want that to say yes.)
    if you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Using Windows within Ubuntu

    1 question first will the app run under wine?
    if so theres no need for a virtual machine.
    if it doesn't
    i have tried VMware it's free version i pretty good so it should do (i can run it on a...
  23. [all variants] Re: Gigabyte GA-MA770-S3 & HD3650 128-bit GDDR3
    seems some others where having problems with that specific ATI card.
    if you want to go ATI the by all means do on the ati driver guide it...
  24. [all variants] Re: Gigabyte GA-MA770-S3 & HD3650 128-bit GDDR3

    you might want to go Nvidia on the graphics card as it's Linux drivers are better than ATI's.

    as for mobo i was thinking of this for my self it could work for your friend too....
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    [ubuntu] Re: usb harddrive

    how did you go about installing it on the usb drive did you make a ISO bootable from it or install it on the drive from the cd?
    i installed it on a usb drive from the cd fine just had to disconnect...
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