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  1. [ubuntu] Re: ASUS PRO50GL and Ubuntu.. a love/hate Rship..

    Yeah.. am not holding my breath really..
    ACPI seem to work fine on 8.04, but then most periferals stop working and it's a mission to make them work.
    8.10 and bove, periferals are all good, but then...
  2. [ubuntu] ASUS PRO50GL and Ubuntu.. a love/hate Rship..

    Just thought I'd drop my 2 cents of a very very Newbie in the Linux/Ubuntu world..
    I was running Ubuntu on a Dell 9100, perfectly.. loved it and couldn't have enough of it.. but then my laptop...
  3. [gnome] Re: Volume and Brightness FN keys not working on Asus

    Same here.. although the scary part is that when i turn off the brightness to the minimum there is no effect on Ubuntu, but when i restart the laptop (mine is a ASUS PRO50GL) the screen is all dark...
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    [ubuntu] Re: dictionary inusable

    Holly Molly.. i do have the exact same problem.. and i dont want to reinstall everything again.. Could anyone have a less drastic solution to this problem ?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Volume control doesn't work

    hey the Style..

    not sure if ur still strugglin with those volume control buttons.. i just happened to have managed to fix my problem.
    here is what i did..

    Go to
    System-> Preferences-> Sounds...
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