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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Reverting To The Dark Side (Windows 7)

    I'm downloading the ISO, and I'm gonna see if this works. :)
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Reverting To The Dark Side (Windows 7)

    Thank you VERY much, sgage. That is what I was looking for. ^.^
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Reverting To The Dark Side (Windows 7)

    My computer was bought from a local Best Buy, and did not come with a disk. Is there somewhere I should look in particular for a product key?
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    Re: Spacebar going out what can I do?

    Have you tried these?

    1. Check the cord connection.
    2. Ask someone for, or buy, a new keyboard.

    I'm not very sure this is a software problem. But if it is, I'm sorry that I'm unable to help.
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    Re: where did the gear gone?

    Hi, there. I believe this is a problem with Unity. Go look at this thread for how to fix it. I hope that helps.
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Hi. I'm Justin. Call me Darkson. I'm an older user and thinking really of switching back to windows, but I'll never leave the Ubuntu community. You guys are great!
  7. [SOLVED] Reverting To The Dark Side (Windows 7)

    Okay, guys. It's been fun. I've had my share of programming, and honestly, I can't handle the lack of support on games and the amount of failed wine executions. So, Honestly, I just wanna go back to...
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