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  1. [all variants] Re: Cap Lock will not stay turn off on HP TX2510Z

    Yeah, That what I'm thinking about doing on my next day off of work later thsi week. I'll most likely take every key out, clean it with an Q-Tip and alcohol and put them back together to see if that...
  2. [all variants] Cap Lock will not stay turn off on HP TX2510Z

    HI I own a HP TX2510Z laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 and I been having problem with the Keyboard's cap lock never turning off. It just keep flicking on and off which will cause an anyance when typing as...
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    [all variants] Re: Calibrating TX2500 Touchpad

    For those who found this thread and are wonder how to convert it to the new parameter Area, I found this setting works.

    xsetwacom set "Wacom ISDv4 93 Finger touch" Area 181 177 3914 3899

  4. [ubuntu] Can't get Ubuntu to recognize all Creative Zen X-Fi space.

    Hi I have a Creative X-Fi 16g wlan mp3 player. I'm running ubuntu 11.10 32-bit on a Toshiba Satellite R15-S829. The Zen connects to my computer and I'm able to transfer music on to it, but I can't...
  5. [ubuntu] Further Customize Toshiba Satillite Tablet PC

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satillite R15-S829 running Ubuntu 11.04. All other info about my computer are on the info.txt attachment below, plus here is a link to a pdf file with more info in case anybody...
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    [all variants] Re: HOW TO Set Up the Bamboo Pen & Touch in Lucid

    Hi I have a Wacom Bamboo MTE-450. Everything works fine, but I'm having trouble configuring the shortcut, and navigation buttons on the top of the tablet. Here is a picture of it if that helps. I'm a...
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