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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Broken package will not let me upgrade or reinstall

    I had the same problem the last few days with 9.04, 9.10, and 10.04 (right after install).
    I thought it was just the system, also, the first time isntalling 10.04 worked, and now i'm unable to...
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    [ubuntu] Problems installing 10.04

    Ok, i just got my neighbors old computer a Compaq Presario 6000.
    I was able to install Ubuntu 9.04 fine, and the first time around i was able to install 10.04 fine, but after installing a couple of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: installing/using gnomenu?

    Ok so now I AM having an issue.
    I installed GnoMenu just fine, the issue is that it's not coming up in the selection when i go to add it to my panel. Any comments? I added the repos below:

  4. Re: Ubuntu Commercial Contest Anyone?

    That would be an awesome Idea, and I DO have a camera and would totally participate.
    could do some video editing and at the end have some text at the bottom saying "This video made with Ubuntu".
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    Re: Problem with PHP Login Script

    Cant really grab the code right now because i moved the site to a different server, however I will take the liberty of at least pasting somewhat of what i remember about how the sessions id's are...
  6. Re: Accepting Links to New IRC Network!

    Daniel OptixcIRC failed and are now attempting at it again to get back at me for cutting them from staff (imo) anyway, this one is way better than optix ever was or will be.
  7. Re: Need Help With Developing an IRC client much like AIM, Yahoo IM

    So Caraboo, we meet again.
    Do you think checking out the source of Pidgin might be a good start? If I'm not mistaken it should be available for both Windows and Linux(what I run).
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    Poll: Re: Rate my site?

    The website as i believe i mentioned before in my first post, is for the IRC network that I founded.

    As for comments of others, the simple/clean layout I figured would be best. I have went through...
  9. Need Help With Developing an IRC client much like AIM, Yahoo IM

    I'm looking to develop a cross platform (starting with windows) IRC client specifically for my network at irc.I-Have-No.Info
    I want it to be much like AIM or Yahoo IM.
    I want this client to ONLY...
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    Poll: Re: Rate my site?

    What exactly is not appealing to you?
    I probably should have wrote it in the beginning of the thread, but I could obviously use a few tips too considering there are so many votes against the sites...
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    Poll: Rate my site?

    Hey guys, I think I am finally done editing the website for my IRC Network. I was hoping some of you might rate it and leave me some comments on what could be improved on.

    Constructive Criticism...
  12. [all variants] Re: Need help with crontab under root

    So lets say, that i made a symbolic link in /etc/rc.local to /etc/init.d/mysql
    (or better yet) lets say i made a symbolic link to it in /usr/bin, i could just (in the last case) i could type "mysql...
  13. Meet Nice Friendly People on A New IRC Network

    Come meet and hang out with our friendly userbase at

    We have...
    Friendly Staff Friendly Users Small but growing network Great services Awesome Features Uniqueness (dunno what...
  14. [all variants] Need help with crontab under root

    Hi, I'm trying to get mySQL Daemon to start when the machine starts up (and it requires root privileges to run).
    The command to startup would be

    sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start
    however that would...
  15. [all variants] Trying to make a PHP script to read the Anope Nickserv Database (not mySQL)

    First and foremost, I do not, and do not plan on using the mySQL db, due to the fact that it just doesn't work out. Second.

    Ubuntu Server Edition 9.04
    Anope 1.8.0
    UnrealIRCD 3.2.x

  16. Accepting Links to New IRC Network!

    I started an ircnetwork at (ports 6660-6669, 7000-7009, and 6697(ssl) )

    Link applications can be put in on the website at
  17. Re: Need Opinion on My Business's Website

    wow thank you very much. I will definitely get on those errors right away!
    I could still use more opinions and feedback from other users incase anything has been missed though.
  18. Re: Need Opinion on My Business's Website

    I am somewhat profiting off of donated items, I am making back the cost of repair, and giving about 40% of the profit income to Red Cross for Haiti Relief Fund, however profits that are not donated...
  19. Poll: Re: Opera vs Firefox vs Google Chrome/Chromium

    After minimal configuration of Opera, it is certainly the best web browser for Linux.
    I love its features like
    Email Client Torrent Downloading Client IRC Client File Sharing/Serving

    And I LOVE...
  20. Need Opinion on My Business's Website

    Guidelines on Feedback
    A well formed response telling what is wrong, and a short explaination as to why. (if anything) Be generous, I am asking for an honest opinion, but there is still a line, and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ssh issue

    22 is just the common port to use, therefore I use it as an example.
    Should really be changed, because
    1. It's like handing over your system to an attacker.
    2. Comcast limits connections out-going...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ssh issue

    how exactly is your network set up?
    how does your server connect to the internet?

    in the case that you are behind a router (i hope you would have a better setup).
    you should make sure that port...
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    [ubuntu] Re: no virtual terminals in Jaunty

    shawn, just get a new video card... I have a NVidea GEforce4 and it works after some SLIGHT and i mean VERY SLIGHT configuration. as in you need to edit a certain file (not sure what one) and add in...
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    Re: What is your favorite 'BEEP' song?

    C'mon somebody has gotta be able to do funky town and cannibal corpses.
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    Re: What is your favorite 'BEEP' song?

    Could someone write funky town for me? i want to use it when i join irc channels...
    just put it in code like

    beep -f ### -l ###; beep -f ### -l ###
    and so on
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