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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't instal on old Mac mini

    Hardware specification would be useful. Did the mouse not work either? Just to be clear, what version of Ubuntu are you trying? Ubuntu 21.04 or 15.04? If I read your post correctly, Ubuntu loads from...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Issue with wifi and bluetooth in dualboot laptop (Windows 10 + Ubuntu)

    It used to be the case that if WiFi was switched off in Windows then it would remain disabled when Ubuntu.was loaded. It may now be the case that switching off WiFi in Ubuntu it will keep switched...
  3. Re: How use a high resolution when starting OS (boot terminal details)

    Grub does not load a video driver. Grub sets a video mode and then loads the Linux kernel. At some point when Linux is in control of the machine the kernel will load a video driver.

    The Grub...
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    Re: / full 91%


    I do not understand the command that you have used. Please keep that in mind. I think that you are confusing the / partition size with the / folder size. In the / partition there are...
  5. Re: Root and EFI mounts show on Dock (Launcher) ?

    If, at the time we install Ubuntu we set the OS for automatic login it is then normal not need to enter username & password when we boot. It is also normal to have to enter the password when we...
  6. Re: Help needed reverse upgrading from 20.10 to 20.04.3LTS

    The question I am asking is "Why?"

    One reason for staying on an LTS release is the direct upgrade path to the next LTS release. Which would be 22.04. You have upgraded but to what? Was it to...
  7. Re: Wireless and wired network UNCLAIMED after switching to open source display drive

    How did you do this "switch" from the Nvidia driver? When we use Software & Updates>Additional Drivers tab to switch between proprietary and open source video drivers it does not usually result in...
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    Re: Apache2 failed to start

    The Ubuntu forum has support and discussion sections not only for Ubuntu users but also for users of Linux distributions based on Ubuntu but with a different desktop environment. There is even a...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 18.04 update resulted in 'emergency mode' - trying to find the cause

    There are always two Linux kernels present that we can boot into. If we get a kernel upgrade and the reboot fails to load to a working desktop then it is still possible to boot into the old but good...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Kernel version upgrade procedure.

    I quote what the man (manual) page for apt-get says about "dist-upgrade:"

  11. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 21.04 how disable or remove totally the nvidia nouveau driver ?

    The Motherboard BIOS/UEFI sets a video mode otherwise we would not see a splash screen or other information or be able to see the BIOS/UEFI settings utility when we load it.

    Grub also sets a video...
  12. Re: Lubuntu - root password at install time?

    I think it is more inconvenient to log out of one account and then log in to an administrator account in order to run certain commands than it is to use "sudo" to temporarily become administrator.
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install Ubuntu Impish

    Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) is still under development. It will not be released until 14 October 2021. The developers are also experimenting with a new installer application which may or may not be...
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    Re: More efficiency

    Assuming that the internet download rate is sufficient one reason for the "staggering" of a video steam is insufficient memory (RAM). On my machine I have 4GB of RAM. About 50% is used by Ubuntu and...
  15. Re: New Ubuntu 20 install on DELL AIO desktop - video problems

    I would like to add something that I think might be useful for the Original Poster of this thread.

    The system is arranged so that we always have an alternative Linux kernel to boot into. If you...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How Split HD into equal size?

    Do not click "New Partition table! That will apply to the whole of the drive (sda) and not just to one partition of the drive (sda4). You will lose everything on sda.

    What do you want to do? Do...
  17. Re: Which flavour and settings for an elderly person

    Ubuntu has accessibility settings. At the login screen click the icon of the human. These are the settings that are by default disabled: High Contrast: Zoom; Large text; Screen reader; Screen...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgraded to 21.04

    If you stay with 21.04 you will have to upgrade to 21.10 by January 2022. Ubuntu 21.04 reaches the end of its support life towards the end of January 2022.

    If you are going to do a fresh install...
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    Re: Shutdown Clicks

    The next version of Ubuntu to be released is 21.10. It still has a four click power off process. There is a change from 20.04. We will be able to select Restart with the third click instead of the...
  20. Re: Just got my first Linux computer last night.......

    May I suggest that you now learn how to backup and then restore the email client settings/contacts and the browser book marks? That will remove one worry.

    Go to Software & Updates>Updates tab and...
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    Re: packages have been kept back

    The way to fix this is to wait. Packages are kept back to allow other packages that they are dependant on to complete the process of being upgraded and added to the software repositories.

    If this...
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    Re: Ubuntu 20.04

    After you installed Ubuntu were both operating systems working acceptably? Or, did this problem occur on the first re-boot into Ubuntu. Grub is the bootloader. If we have installed Ubuntu correctly...
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    [SOLVED] Re: memory problems

    I am surprised that you are having system freezes with the hardware that you have. You seem to be confused about the different meanings of memory.

    System memory is Random Access Memory (RAM). It...
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    Re: PXE boot into RAM

    My understanding (which is very limited) of Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) that it allows installation of an operating system over a network. I think it makes it possible for an IT administrator...
  25. Re: How do I install a terminal in Ubuntu?

    If you are using Ubuntu 20.04 click on Activities and in the "Type to search" panel type "terminal" and then click the icon that appears.

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