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    [ubuntu] Re: A problem with my CD/DVD writer

    Have you tried a different blank DVD, preferable a different brand? it looks like the drive is either not detecting or not recognizing the blank DVD.
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    Re: 32bit download

    Which processor does your Dell have? Some versions came with a Core 2 Duo which is 64 bit.
  3. Re: Just got my first Linux computer last night.......


    You have plenty of time to decide when to upgrade, probably best not to push it.
    In the meantime keep things simple and don't install any software not in the Ubuntu Repositories,...
  4. Re: Can't install Ubuntu on a RAID volume

    In the past I have been able to install Ubuntu on a mdadm Raid1 volume using lvm2 successfully. It's been a long time since I did it so I don't remember all of the details but it's still running and...
  5. Re: Swapping? Computer gets very slow when RAM is full

    I also keep a lot of historic email. Moving as much as possible to Local Folders will help somewhat.

    On this desktop running 20.04 with only a terminal window, Chromium and Thunderbird running.
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Ida Casualty - Computer runs for a few minutes then...

    Well I spoke too soon.
    Apparently somewhere along the way the OS started putting the computer to sleep. Not sure how that happened, it's been running without going to sleep for a couple of years....
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Ida Casualty - Computer runs for a few minutes then...

    My first guess was PSU (because that's usually the problem) but I was wrong.
    The RAM was OK as well I swapped the RAM from the old MB since it had more RAM.
    I swapped a MB and CPU from another...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Ida Casualty - Computer runs for a few minutes then...

    Unfortunately I'm evacuated and there is no one there who can do the necessary work. I was hoping to get some clues as to what to try.
    I'm heading there tomorrow and basically have duplicates of...
  9. [SOLVED] Ida Casualty - Computer runs for a few minutes then...

    We just regained access to our office in New Orleans and discovered the one of our Ubuntu computers will not stay up.
    We had someone go in and she discovered that the power light was flashing. I had...
  10. Re: Just got my first Linux computer last night.......

    Welcome to Ubuntu.

    Echoing others upgrade to 20.04 as soon as possible, when I last checked the 16.04 repositories were still on line. If you wait too much longer they may not be. You will still...
  11. Re: DNS servers resetting after restart

    Why it works like this I don't have a clue, but recent versions of Ubuntu are designed to rewrite the /etc/resolv.conf file at every reboot.
    Depending on how your system is set up there are...
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    [ubuntu] Re: SSH appears to need Desktop login

    I have Ubuntu computers I log into regularly via ssh and none of them require a user to be logged in. Most of them are wired connections but I do have a couple of wifi connections and they don't...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Any idea why "wine" wants to remove so many packages?

    Have you done a release upgrgade recently often after a

    $ do-release-upgrade a lot of old packages are left over due to changes in the release.
    Have you routinely used apt autoremove to remove...
  14. Re: Safe way to free up space in /boot?

    As previously asked why don't you want the most recent kernel?
    Before you do anything else you should probably run
    update-initramfs -u that should get you updated to the most recent kernel you...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Duke mirror down?

    Switched to another mirror. I'll mark this solved.
    Thanks again.
    I now just need to check my other Ubuntu computers to see if they are using the Duke mirror.
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    Re: Emergency Remote Access?


    I have a box full of old dial up modems. I just have to go into the junk room and dig one out and make sure it works. :cool:.

    TheFu :

    The ISP can remote reboot the modem/router - I...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Duke mirror down?


    It's weird I can't get it at all, maybe a DNS problem?

    This site canít be reached took too long to respond.

  18. Re: Changed drive sata port. RAID5 no longer working

    sdd sde and sdf all report ee partition type. That is "Indication that this legacy MBR is followed by an EFI header"

    Are we sure the letters didn't change? It seems possible with all the plugging...
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    Emergency Remote Access?

    I have a remote location that is sometimes unmanned. Occasionally I lose contact with the servers there and can't do any checking to find out what the problem is. Can anyone suggest a reasonable...
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    [SOLVED] Duke mirror down?

    For some time I've used the Duke University Ubuntu Mirror. I started because I have having trouble with US ubuntu servers performance. Those problems have been long resolved but I've never changed...
  21. Re: Changed drive sata port. RAID5 no longer working

    Have you checked the drives to see if one or more are malfunctioning?
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to read CD-Rewrite disc

    You could try a different reader. I have an USB reader I keep around since I don't have optical drives in most of my computer. You can get one for a few dollars.

    Also you could try slow down the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: 20.04 Desktop GUI won't open.

    Looks like it's solved. 24 hours and not repeat. I'm marking this thread solved.
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    [SOLVED] 20.04 Desktop GUI won't open.

    I have a desktop machine running 20.04 which has been working well for several months, since I upgraded it.
    the other day after I rebooted it it failed to start the GUI.

    It seems to be booting...
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    Re: Advice about my Asrock mobo?

    If you do a release upgrade you will need to upgrade to 21.10 before you upgrade to 22.04 then set the relese to LTS, although you could do a reinstall if you wish.
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