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    Re: Ubuntu 20.04 black screen

    Nouveau is not good for me since it does not accept the resolution of my 2560x1080 monitor.

    Also it wouldn't let me install only Nouveau, it gave an error when installing it.

    Searching on...
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    Ubuntu 20.04 black screen

    I have a computer with Ubuntu 20.04 with an Nvidia GT710 card and every so often it starts up and the screen goes black with the cursor blinking.

    I modified a GRUB line by putting "nomodeset"...
  3. Beeps while working with the computer

    I have a problem that I don't know how to solve or know if it's serious.

    My team with Ubuntu 18.04 from time to time emits a long beep, 2 short, 2 short .... it is not at the same time, nor when...
  4. Activar compartir pantalla - Activate screen sharing

    Acabo de realizar una instalación de Ubuntu 18.04 y al querer activar el escritorio remoto me encuentro que no me lo permite.

    Voy a Compartir, se abre una ventana y puedo activar el botón...
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    Oki C332 operating problems

    I have an Oki C332 printer and I downloaded the driver for Linux from the manufacturer's website. I installed it with that driver and although the installation is correct everything that was sent to...
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