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  1. Re: Electrical power draws for multiple desktops, amplifier, a/c etc.

    Most of them have low/malfunctioning battery alarms (??) When the APC SLA starts to go bad and won't hold a charge, it sounds off like a house fire alarm, even woke me up one night to tell me it was...
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    Re: Nvidia buys ARM

    This is a BUUUUURN of epic proportions. LOL :-D
  3. Re: New User, desperatly need help, nothing works

    I have (access to) two System76 Gazelles, both with Nividia GPU's, and a home built desktop with an Nvidia card. Not on Pop OS but give this a try, it was a recurring issue on all and it worked.
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    Re: no problems here

    Couple years ago I had the Internet connection just go away without explanation. (Have a lappie and a desktop here so I could research/confirm.) After poking around the forums, different SO posts,...
  5. Re: Electrical power draws for multiple desktops, amplifier, a/c etc.

    May not be the "best" technology but I religiously run every desktop computer with a UPS. Each UPS is dedicated to one computer and its monitors on the battery, peripherals on the UPS surge...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How do I record online school lectures?

    Screen cap is a bit of a workaround because you're recording something already recorded. If content is being deployed to your browser, it is in the code. You will have to dig in a little, but if you...
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    Re: Any cute wild life in your area?

    Where does a lion sleep?

    Wherever in the heck they want!
  8. [SOLVED] Re: can anyone reccomend a lightweight program to cut videos?

    OpenShot is pretty good, works for what I need.
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    Re: New Ugly Facebook

    Haha . . . which is why I drive manual transmissions only. Automatic anti-theft device. :-D
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    Re: New Ugly Facebook

    You're probably aware of some of the content tools. Most are available right from the post. Even if there were a feed, it would probably supply the same content as your account settings.

    You can...
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    Re: New Ugly Facebook

    +1 on that one, Minds too. Wasn't too impressed by Diaspora or Ello. MeWe and Minds claim to be more private and free platforms, but they are not without problems. The worst being spam bots on MeWe....
  12. Re: Unable to set up Face book for online accounts

    So you are interfacing with a Facebook app from the desktop? This is not an Ubuntu issue. An appl is not needed for Facebook access from the desktop.

    At any rate,if you are trying to set up an...
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    Re: New Ugly Facebook

    The new look also looks dumbed down. Got a glimpse of it just before . . . .

    After almost 20 years I downloaded and deleted all my FB data and closed the account, forever, over a month ago....
  14. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 How to create a new folder

    Unless the directory is full, then it (annoyingly) selects the file/folder closest to your click.
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    Re: How do I burn a CD?

    +1 for Brasero, and once you install it you just have to put the media in and you can drag/drop.

    Unless you're doing music though, I would go with DVD, not CD.
  16. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 How to create a new folder

    See attachment, open file manager and hit the icon.

    or command line, cd to the directory you want like

    cd /home/yourname/Documents
  17. Re: New in this forum and Ubuntu and I hate cookies

    Cookies in themselves are not evil. You wouldn't stay logged in to this site or any other without them. It's how they are used that can be nefarious. By disabling third party cookies in your browser...
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    Re: web/www no run the cron jobs.

    Is the cron daemon running?

    ps -ef | grep crond

    If so, error in the cron tab?
  19. Re: newsreader supplied by USENET provider limiting search results?

    There is also the Wayback Machine, the internet archive but not sure if it archives news feeds.
  20. Re: New in this forum and Ubuntu and I hate cookies

    If you want to clear browser cookies, right-click on any page, select inspect, and select the storage tab (FireFox and Chrome/Chromium.) You can delete all cookies from there.

    Also I have set my...
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    [ubuntu] Re: php 7.4 fails on Ubuntu 20.04

    This is going to most likely be a configuration issue, not a PHP or OS issue.

    If you can run php -version and get a response, PHP is fine.

    Google around for "php doesn't execute," it is most...
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    Re: Weird symbol in Facebook

    There's a lot to this answer, will try to simplify it . . . it has to do with the encoding of the web page text and how your browser is interpreting it. So even though you see it in one condition, it...
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    Re: How does this happen?

    I have experimented with VM's, DOSBOX, and Wine. The networking, which is the whole point of co-op/deathmatch, is a nightmare I never sorted out. Then there is the challenge of convincing someone who...
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    Re: Show your pet thread.

    Yeah, dogs have owners, cats have staff. :-D

    One of my watercolor paintings, "Warming at the Window," of what was at the time our two queens Nefertitti and Cleopatra, Neffi was taken from us by a...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Confused Noob: Where are the System Folders?

    There's a couple articles out there that will help understand where things are and why, here's a decent one. Note you will have to sudo to get to/read/modify some of them.
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