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  1. [ubuntu] Re: About half speed wireless, rt2800usb, oneiric

    This was a new install, there couldn't be any leftover drivers.
    In any case, I can't find any trace of the rt2870sta module, only the builtin rt2800usb.
    About the same shows up with lsmod | grep...
  2. [ubuntu] About half speed wireless, rt2800usb, oneiric

    I'm using ubuntu 11.10, 64bit, with a wireless usb dongle from belkin. It uses the rt2800usb driver, and gives about half the speed of what it used to under ubuntu 11.04. Testing with,...
  3. Re: Practicing Tarot - Anyone interested in a free reading?

    The OP specifically said he/she doesn't believe in it, and it's for his/her amusement.
    Entertainment by the supernatural isn't religion. It's tv :P

    And yeah the tarot is fun. Total bulls$- for...
  4. Re: python, opengl, low and high memory question

    I haven't heard of it either, until recently. But yes, I do have 2gb ram and the linux stuff actually did take about 1gb ram at that time, including buffers. I expect the free high mem value above is...
  5. python, opengl, low and high memory question

    I've read that low memory is memory the kernel can access directly, usually about 896mb and the rest is high memory.

    I have the following test script :

    SCREEN_SIZE = (800, 600)

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    Re: Windows 7 style libraries in Ubuntu

    I don't know if it was covered already in the union-fs suggestions, but mhddfs sounds pretty much like what you'd want.
    You just add an fstab entry like that :

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    Re: editing code in Ubuntu Quickly

    Q1 : You can modify and/or delete some quickly generated files that you don't need. For instance, if you don't need an 'about' dialog, you can delete the .py and ui files for it, and of course remove...
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    Re: Desktop Zoom in Natty Sucks

    enhanced zoom is working here, after I enabled it with ccsm .
    It was choppy at first, but that was due to the mousepoll plugin, not the actual zoom animations. Setting mousepoll to a smaller value...
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    Re: Thanks linux! Now I have no desktop I like.

    You could still use gnome-panel with your favorite dock/launcher in gnome 3 though. Gnome3 isn't just the shell, and afaik gnome-panel isn't dependent on gtk2 and will continue to be maintained.
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    Re: Personal Values vs General Knowledge

    If you install windows he _will_ find a way to mess it up :lol: An antivirus is only as good as you tell it to.
    And you'll be the go to guy for reinstalls or clean ups.

    So install linux, explain...
  11. Re: improving unity: options and fixes you would like for next release (oneiric 11.10

    How about if the menu was visible under the window title, but dimmed and blurred? Just to indicate it's there. Maybe even less noticeable than the picture, and certainly better looking, but that's...
  12. Re: improving unity: options and fixes you would like for next release (oneiric 11.10

    I'd like to see overlay scrollbars in apps that don't or can't currently use them, like chrome, firefox and the terminal. Might be impossible though.

    Other than that, I remember seeing a mockup...
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    Re: Stop a second... 11.10 should have this.

    Well, unless there's a spectacularly good explanation along with that selection menu (which I can't really imagine), it would only be recognizable by users who would know what they want anyway, and...
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    Re: Unity Question

    On second thought maybe it would be best to use ~/.local/share/applications instead, if unity sees it.

    Have you tried just creating the launcher the old way, even if it can't be used as is?...
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    Re: Unity Question

    My guess would be creating a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications

    Trying that now with a dummy file to see if it works.

    Edit: aaand it works =)
    You can look up the syntax here, or just...
  16. Thread: 482(9+3)=?

    by oedipuss

    Re: 482(9+3)=?

    I'm sure this has been mentioned already, but I can't read all 34 pages :P
    Strictly speaking, the parentheses are after the 2, implying multiplication, but don't include it:
    48 / 2 * ( 9 + 3 )...
  17. Re: Need some help to identify name of a classical composition from Motzart

    I think it's string quartet No. 19 in C K465 'Dissonance', 1st movement.

    courtesy of
    That site is almost magic
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    Re: [Python] Check if file exists

    Also, os.path.exists and os.path.lexists
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    gluUnProject trouble (python)

    I'm having some trouble with gluUnProject, used to get world coordinates from window coordinates in an orthographic projection.

    I've set up a simple test gtk glext window, with just the...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Switching VTs with 'super + arrow', why??

    Found it, I must have accidentally set my keyboard to 'raw mode' with alt+sysrq+r ...
  21. [SOLVED] Switching VTs with 'super + arrow', why??

    I've always set super (or mod4, or win key)+left or right to flip through virtual desktops in compiz, but recently it also flips through virtual ttys like CTRL+ALT+F* (which still works normally).
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    Re: How's "The Perfect 10" treating us so far?

    The installer was absolutely perfect :O

    It's really a bit too soon to say if there are any bugs, but it seems promising so far.
    Nice wallpaper, not perfect but it can stay for a while, the theme...
  23. Thread: Minecraft

    by oedipuss

    Re: Minecraft

    This game is so much fun it's nearly criminal.

    Here's my tree farm at night, using a custom texture set (Doku's RPG) =D
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    Re: Recommended games on Linux?

    Commercial but incredibly good and quite new :

    Amnesia: the dark descent

    Incredibly scary too, be warned if you don't like that sort of thing :P

    It has an installer, no debs or other...
  25. Re: Direct3D 10/11 Is Now Natively Implemented On Linux!

    Follow-up on phoronix : Wine Devs Have Mixed Feelings Over Direct3D In Gallium3D

    What I don't understand is would this work (if it actually gets implemented) on every card, or just those with...
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