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  1. Re: using su when running from external hard drive

    Support, not chat.

    Thread moved to General Help.
  2. Re: Frustration with admin criticizing a mistake in a public thread asking for help

    Thank you for posting again. I agree that it would be difficult to reconstruct events that occurred over four years ago. Please be assured that staff actions such as moving or merging threads are...
  3. Re: Using a small 1.7MB file to run out of hard disk space in Ubuntu

    Welcome to the forum. Do you have a question? You posted in a support section of the forum. This one is specifically for questions about security.
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    Re: Gmail - Google

    The live links in the OP are ones and lead to genuine google pages. I rather doubt that Google has taken up phishing!
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    Re: UUID only 8 digits? is this normal?

    Very odd. I've had a look at the raw text in your post and the image ought to show. Perhaps imgur is doing something to prevent it displaying. That being said, clicking on the hyperlink in your post...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Many emojis not in color in Firefox, Ubuntu 20.04

    It's a font thing, where the browser is using an installed font. The default forum font is the Ubuntu font.

    Default font: 😓

    Times New Roman: 😓

    Arial: 😓

    Verdana: 😓
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    Re: Toxic Behavior - Gaslighting

    Goodness. What a storm in a teacup.

    Rather than taking offence at what was said, you could have politely pointed out any factual errors you saw in the advice given. Had you looked again at the...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Many emojis not in color in Firefox, Ubuntu 20.04

    Curious - I came across this thread when browsing on my chromebook, and noticed that the emojipedia emoji in post #1 was in colour, and wondered if it was a browser thing. Not quite. What I've found...
  9. [server] Re: named[862]: resolver priming query complete: every 20 seconds

    Ancient thread closed.

    @atralb, please start your own thread if you need help. The chances of getting help on old abandoned necromanced threads are minimal. Link back to this if it has useful...
  10. [xubuntu] Re: youtube: Save the file that is open in the filesystem?

    And forum rules and policy are something that need to be considered before posting about it:

    Thread closed.
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    Re: Ubuntu 20.04 vulnerabilities fix

    Cross-posted from askubuntu:

    This is a forum of end-users. Whilst forum members may have relevant information, no one...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Looking for a good Music Player for Ubuntu 20.04

    In 20.04? It's not in the 20.04 repositories.

    Banshee appears to be abandonware - last stable release was over 6 years ago. I found it very buggy in 16.04 and unusable in 18.04. A great pity - I...
  13. Re: Windows 10 doesn't install due to no media driver found

    And closed.

    From the forum Code of Conduct:
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    Re: This forum needs a thanks button

    Thread moved to Forum Feedback & Help.

    I was about to post when QIII beat me to it, but I will add a couple of points. There was a thanks/like button some years ago. It was comprehensively abused...
  15. Re: (20.04) Ecotank printer ET-4750 stopped printing

    Four posts moved from this thread:

    @cigtoxdoc, please do not hijack others' threads. Start your own if you need help. Also, you posted the...
  16. Re: Ubuntu 12.04 Disable TLS1.0 and TLS1.1

    @chrizty-0, I've merged your two threads. Please do not post duplicates. If you wish to bring a thread up to the top, simply bump it, rather than starting a new one.
  17. Re: Software & Updates a blank opening screen ubuntu 20.04LTS

    Support, not chat. Thread moved to General Help.

    You dragged and dropped an image into the message editor. That will not work. Instead, go to the advanced message editor by clicking on the ...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Lubuntu 20.04 install freeze

    If you mean html as a way of formatting posts, then clearly no. In common with >99% of all forums in the known universe I would suspect. Allowing active html code in forum posts would be a honey pot...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Webcamoid issue

    You installed webcamoid from a downloaded executable run file, which is why you cannot uninstall it with apt-get. Only things installed from repositories in your sources lists with apt, apt-get or a...
  20. Re: Killer 1525 (QCA6174) Preventing Ubuntu 18.04 from sleeping/suspend.

    Back to sleep, ancient thread.
  21. Re: What is the best command to backup a folder

    Thread moved to General Help.
  22. Re: (UBUNTU 14.04.4 LTS) Ubuntu crashes right after clicking "install ubuntu"

    Ubuntu 14.04 is past end of life and is unsupported. Any effort trying to get an obsolete release installed would be wasted. Try with a supported version. If you want LTS, then either 18.04 or 20.04.
  23. Re: Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics driv

    Support, not chat.

    Thread moved to Hardware sub-forum.
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Why is there a Pi specific version of Ubuntu?

    @guiverc, thanks for providing that link. Interesting that the OP of that askubuntu question (which precedes the OP here) is surprised that the identical question has been asked here.

  25. Re: How to expanded hard drive 1 to newly installed hard drive 2

    Thread closed.
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