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  1. [ubuntu] generating ELF64 from 32 bit GCC......

    can we generate amd X86-64 ELF file from a gcc 32-bit compiler.

    I mean, my compiler by default generate this ELF -

    aditya@gayatrimata:~/Templates/programs/c++$ readelf -a ucf
    ELF Header:...
  2. [ubuntu] touchpad not working in ubuntu 12.04


    I have dual boot in my laptop. UBUNTU 12.04 and Windows 7
    Initially, my touchpad was working fine but later is not at all working in UBUNTU as well as in Windows.
    Previously I had the...
  3. [ubuntu] install and configure GTK+ library to make GUI application in C

    Hi, I am using ubuntu 12.04 .
    I want to build a Graphic application using GTK library. Can some help me how can I install and configure GTK on my ubuntu and compile my programs successfully using...
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