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  1. Re: How do I install the proprietary AMD video drivers in Ubuntu 20.04

    AMD are known to release the kind of data needed for writing a good graphics driver. So for everything except one or two of the very newest chips by AMD there is no proprietary driver and none is...
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    Re: Tholian web

    There's a page in the community wiki with the procedure to reset a lost password. There's also a page on using the LiveCd / LiveUSB you created for installation to do various system recovery tasks,...
  3. Re: How to create an BAT that create a 3G internet connection ?

    What you're looking for is called a 'shell script' on Linux. They can be called whatever you want, no need for any special extension like '.bat' or '.sh'. Just write the commands into a file and make...
  4. Re: How run 32 bits programs in 64 bits ?

    No, it just tells the package manager that packages for an additional compatible processor architecture are allowed.

    LUbuntu is a flavour of Ubuntu, so yes.

    'ldd' is a low level tool that...
  5. Re: How uninstall softwares included in LUbuntu ?

    As Impavidus said: 'apt remove --purge packagename' removes a package and system-wide settings for that package. It won't touch settings you made which are stored in files in your home directory.
  6. [SOLVED] Re: When trying to open Trash, Gimp opens

    Oh, that explains a lot. And here I thought sanity checks were left to the reader / user as a trivial exercise ...

  7. Re: Open password protected document without having to do so manually

    Open LO, select 'Tools', 'Macros', 'Organize Macros', 'LibreOffice Basic'. Create a library and a module. Edit the module and enter the following Basic-source:

    Sub OpenFileWithPW(filename as...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Unable to open image file

    Wouldn't using the command 'file' be simpler than looking at a hex-dump ? Or - in this specific case - 'identify' from ImageMagick ? Both look at the 'magic number' in a file by which you can tell...
  9. Re: how to specify launch parameters when launching from terminal

    No, the syntax for options and parameter is completely up to the program. There are some conventions like '--' for long and readable option names and '-' for short options (and there's getopt, a...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: installing EAC 1.5 under wine on 20.04

    All the better rippers on Linux (including fre:ac) use cdparanoia to do the actual reading. Take a look at the FAQ for that to get an idea of what it does and how it stacks up against EAC ...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: installing EAC 1.5 under wine on 20.04

    ... and I don't think this one does either. The 'Welcome'-posting at the top of the site which mentions bonk is from 2010 , the version I have (from December 2018) doesn't seem to handle Bonk any...
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    Re: ZSNES problems

    To get access to the /dev/input/event* devices (to get rid of the 'unable to poll ...' messages) you have to be a member of the group 'input'. You can probably do that from some graphical applet for...
  13. Re: Open password protected document without having to do so manually

    According to this post on askubuntu, passing a password on the command line has been on the list of requested features for LO / OO for a long time. There are functions to open a document with a...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: installing EAC 1.5 under wine on 20.04

    Well, one alternative that still is in development is fre:ac ( That had a release on June 20th. It's not in the repos, but a snap, a flatpak and an AppImage are available.

  15. Re: Removing "Extended User Attributes"

    The extended user attribute DOSATTRIB is used by samba to store the DOS file attributes (Archive, Read-Only, Hidden, System) for a file. So either somebody using a windows client played around with...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Do I miss something if I only use Ubuntu instead of Windows?

    Yes, of course there are lots and lots of program which are available for Windows that aren't available for Ubuntu (or any other Linux-Distribution).

    The obvious ones are Adobe's various...
  17. Re: Need some informations about piping and a command.

    From 'man df':

  18. [ubuntu] Re: Suggestion for a good disk checking utility?

    If the SSD implements SMART (Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology) you can use 'smartctl' to make it test itself extensively. Gnome Disks offers some access to these facilities, too.

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    Re: new to Xubuntu, can't get a Dock

    Yes, there is -- kind of. You can have multiple panels. Right-click on the panel at the top, select 'panel', 'panel settings'. In the form shown next there's a green '+' icon which allows you to add...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: How to get (install) N'KO, Manden language ?

    Two of those packages are not in any shape or form related to language support. 'onak' is a keyserver for openPGP and 'libkf5pimcommonakonadi5' is part of the infrastructure for personal information...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: How to stop highlighting in terminal

    Try 'ls --color=never' in any of your terminals. The color-option to ls tells the program when to color; values for the option are always, never and auto (put color-controlcodes in the output if it...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: How to stop highlighting in terminal

    It's not a function of the terminal program, it's the 'ls'-command itself. Some bash configuration file executes "alias ls='ls --color=auto' ". Putting an "alias ls='ls --color=never' " into your...
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    Re: Install Adobe Reader

    First hit on duckduckgo is '' which gives the address for the package as ...
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    Re: Image converter program.

    XnConvert is closed source, commercial but free (as in beer) for private use. There is a .deb file available for download at .

    Alternatively you could just try...
  25. Re: How run 32 bits programs in 64 bits ?

    If the program you want to run is in the repositories, then it probably is available in a 64 bit version. If you've got 32 bit programs they are probably either closed source and possibly quite old...
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