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  1. Re: Fill feature in Acrobat Reader DC isn't working

    foxit reader could work. it's been a while but some time ago i made some forms, then i decided to remove acrobat (on windows PC) and it read them well when i used it (on win). and they have linux...
  2. [kubuntu] Re: 20.04 greater than 5.4.0-39 boot stuck on text screen no gui

    the tainted kernel message only means you added wi-fi driver to kernel.

    as for authorisation file - did you maybe use graphical sudo on any application? also ssdm is the display manager that loads...
  3. Re: Need to enable in software sources proprietary drivers to install nvidia driver ?

    what GPU do you have?

    for 450 version you would need to add PPA.

    even on windows you have to download the driver in some way to install it. and if you use some connection which can loose...
  4. Re: How do I install the proprietary AMD video drivers in Ubuntu 20.04

    this is the actual GPu chip right?: AMD Radeon HD 7660D (800 MHz)

    it's not some super GPu chip, but it should run minecraft

    java -version

    it shouldn't matter but sometimes it does with...
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    Re: overheating + related concerns

    you should install it from repositories, not directly from website. for beta drivers you would use the PPA.
    for example:...
  6. Re: NVIDIA GPU stooped being detected: 20.04 Focal Fossa

    Worrying issue.

    purged and then install? or just reinstall?
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    Re: How does this happen?

    32bit apps work on 64bit OS. they just need 32 bit libraries installed. i hope they at least keep the ability to add them. most older games and some new ones need them.
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    Re: New Laptop Considerations

    i am not sure what the usage will be, however there are Dell Inspirons that come with ubuntu preloaded. They have i5+nvidia card which will do well for most home things and can also be used for some...
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    Re: How does this happen?

    we had 32bit install on 2GB ram machine. the machine was upgraded to that in 2011 or 2012. but used old CPU that could handle 64 bit just the board couldn't handle more ram. the issue was also that...
  10. Re: How do I install the proprietary AMD video drivers in Ubuntu 20.04

    1. what Java are you using? OpenJDK or Oracle?
    2. is the card being correctly detected by the OS and is GPU acceleration being used? radeon drivers should work fine.
    3. is Minecraft using the...
  11. Re: Have any tool that convert NTFS to BTRFS ?

    no, they are two completely different file systems. one of them is even proprietary.

    fat16->fat32->NTFS is possible.
  12. Re: Frustration over Linux's time-consuming issues

    yes, we can safely say that it does need more tinkering that windows, as soon as you need something outside of the repositories.

    on the other hand, to install malware and make it work, is also...
  13. Re: Frustration over Linux's time-consuming issues

    from experience point i was battling with old game (from GOG) in POL. i tried different setups. i must have spent a few hours. i got frustrated, so i checked the issue. as it turns out some cnan't...
  14. Re: Nvidia card not being detected in Ubuntu 20.04

    drivers are on 440 ?

    what's this then?

    [ 3.110525] WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 588 at /var/lib/dkms/nvidia/435.21/build/nvidia/nv-pci.c:584 nv_pci_remove+0x357/0x380 [nvidia]

    purge the old...
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    Poll: Re: Choice of Root File System

    ext4 for the root. BTRFS can be used well on /home
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    Re: How to install new drivers

    which drivers do you need to update?

    Opensource drivers are in kernel. to upgrade those you need to upgrade kernel or add PPA (i.e. patch kernel).
  17. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 is freezing randmply on OMEN by HP Laptop 15-dh0xxx

    you could try installing Ubuntu and then addign latest kernel (i would say something stable). then if it works, report to launchpad.

    i am not sure what manjaro uses for reporting.
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    Re: Nvidia GTX 1650 ti, no HDMI output

    looks like you are close. first the two GPU need to work, then you sort out the switching.

    have a look here for similar situation but older Ryzen chip:...
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    Re: Nvidia GTX 1650 ti, no HDMI output

    purge would be better, just in case there are some "old settings" that could interfere with new version.

    yes, on core sometimes things that are needed are missing (have to be added). i once did...
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    Re: Linux Kernel 4.4

    to get latest nouveau you should either load latest kernel i Ubuntu or run a more edge distro (e.g. Manjaro). it could be there is also a PPA that will just patch the current kernel with latest...
  21. [kubuntu] Re: Screen goes off/on when connected to display port after upgrade to 20.04

    i would say open bug report on launchpad if it is not there yet.

    looks like some sort of regression. for now lock the kernel. it used to be possible in Muon, but maybe Synaptics will be needed...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: 20 LTS boot annoyance on brand new thinkpad E495

    Ok. i understand. Well if you think you can do it, then you can try. if not, it's also good. At least we solved your issue. :)

    yes, if the patched kernel worked, the patch would then make it into...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: I borked my system and I don't know how

    this is the same with all.

    there are some that offer reasonable and sane defaults, but you still need to do a check of these settings before committing to the service.
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    Re: What can you trust?

    here we had masks in closed spaces. everything came under control. then they decided to open borders, increase the number of people on gatherings and masks came off in closed spaces. cases increased...
  25. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 is freezing randmply on OMEN by HP Laptop 15-dh0xxx

    what version of nvidia drivers do you have installed? is this a Intel/nvidia combo or ryzen/nvidia?

    brand new is not always supported by drivers. you could try and load a newer kernel (testing or...
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