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  1. [SOLVED] Re: How to fix terrible audio on Ubuntu?

    Thanks everyone!
    Headphone is the only way. :)
  2. Touch pad on Lenovo Thinkpad stop working sometime after booting

    Touchpad on my thinkpad e14 stops working after boot. It happens frequently but not always. External mouse works fine even when touchpad is not working.
    I've found these in logs:
  3. [SOLVED] How to fix terrible audio on Ubuntu?

    Audio playback is terrible on my laptop. Sound while playing videos on Chrome or VLC is too low.
    I found this:
    but it's...
  4. [SOLVED] Audio stops while using Pulseeffect. Audio clipping

    I am using Lenovo ThinkPad e14.
    I was getting weird sound while playing music. After installing pulse effect app music is now good.
    Still, I've two problems:
    1. Audio stops many time. Sound...
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    [ubuntu] Cursor freezes

    I'm new to Ubuntu. I'm using it for only a month now.
    My laptop has 16 GB of ram and running on Intel i5 10th Gen processor.
    I find that cursor get struck sometimes.
    I don't know how to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Not booting struck at GRUB

    Thanks for reply!!
    I've installed Ubuntu afresh by deleting all files.

    Can you tell me how to make partitions now so that I don't lose data if I reinstall OS?
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    [SOLVED] Not booting struck at GRUB

    My laptop Lenovo ThinkPad e14 is running on ubuntu 20.04.
    Cursor was struck and nothing was working so I rebooted the system few times in succession.
    Cursor problem was not fixed after reboot. ...
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