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    [ubuntu] Re: USB Keyboard not working with GRUB

    How did you enable USB support in BIOS?
    Is there a way to do this after booting into Ubuntu?

    My Dell XPS 400 does not have PS-2 ports for keyboard/mouse,
    and the USB keyboard failure prevents...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution wont connect to Exchange (Ubuntu 10.10)

    Just installed evolution-mapi (0.30.3-1) but I get the error
    when I try to connect with my Office 2010 Exchange server.
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    Re: HOWTO: Lexmark Printers

    After installing Ubuntu 10.10 my Lexmark MFD didn't work,
    and the download page linked on the first post was dangling
    (it has been 5 years, after all ;-) but I found that searching
  4. [all variants] Re: Ubuntu 10.10 and kernel-2.6.35 driver for webcams like Ricoh Webcam 1000,etc (r5u

    Thanks! It worked for my Logitech webcam.
  5. [all variants] Re: problem with linksys befsr41 and 2wire

    Thanks, sledjockey! Since the original poster hasn't answered yet, I'll describe
    my situation. I have the following configuration:

    Phone line ---> 2wire wireless modem router (
  6. [all variants] Re: problem with linksys befsr41 and 2wire

    Any ideas? I have a similar config, with two Ubuntu machines connected to a
    BEFSR81 router that is conencted to 2wire DSL gateway.
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