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  1. Re: HOWTO: NTFS with read/write support using ntfs-3g (easy method)

    I've just became a guine pig. Compiled and install the latest beta. It seems like it has GREAT performance compare to previous versions. The initial version slow down when it write a large file ( 1+...
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    NVIDIA SUX. Please read to know why!

    GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap will not be supported in the next release. that is an official announance from nvidia.

    "NVIDIA Clarification
    We have just been notified by NVIDIA's Aaron Plattner...
  3. Re: xgl screeshots!!

    Try to play a movie and see if the movie is playable. I tested mine.. but the video is not playable. It seems very slow.

    without xgl, it is very fast, with xgl, the system is around ~50% load each...
  4. Re: HOWTO: Compile Xgl from source. The first step of the Future of the Linux Desktop

    :).. I have no clue about the differences. but it seems like it is not doing any hardware acceleration. I've read somewhere that we need Xorg 7.0 because it supports moduling.
  5. Re: HOWTO: Compile Xgl from source. The first step of the Future of the Linux Desktop

    I use

    ./ --enable-xglserver --enable-xglxserver --prefix=/path/to/somewhere

    Once it is finished, Xglx should be in /path/to/somewhere/bin
  6. Re: HOWTO: Compile Xgl from source. The first step of the Future of the Linux Desktop

    Try to compile without --enable-glx

    it should not complain about missing GL core. but for me, I compiled I ran it. However, I don't see any acceleration. It seems much slower instead.I could...
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    Re: HOWTO: Restore GRUB (if your MBR is messed up)

    You had specified the wrong mount syntax. It should be

    sudo mkdir /mnt/ubuntu
    sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/hda[0 .. whatever here ] /mnt/ubuntu

    Make sure you know which partition you are trying to...
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    Re: which gcc version is best for hoary

    I would suggest the old gcc 3.3. :) It seems like you posted in the wrong section.
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    Re: How to: Kernel 2.6.13 and Nvidia

    Sorry, it should be "nvidia-kernel-source"
  10. How to: Avoid hdparm timeout (temporarily solution)

    If you enable DMA mode with hdparm, many times you will experience "timeout waiting for DMA" and it will automatically switch back to PIO mode (turtle mode). There was a patch for this problem but it...
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    How to: Kernel 2.6.13 and Nvidia

    This guide will save people time instead of looking around the net (like myself). :) I wanted to have a fresh new optimized kernel, so I did the fresh `server base` installation. Then, I compile the...
  12. Re: HOWTO: Automated WPA Encryption with ndiswrapper drivers

    Sorry dude. I have only two words for you. "Excellent Guide". I will trash my current "WEP" (Worst Entrance Protector).
  13. Re: HOWTO: Compile skippy (Exposť like features for Hoary)

    For me, I really doubt that skippy would be usable if it depends on xcompmgr. With xcompmgr alone, my computer (PIV 2.4ghz) could barely handle it. With skippy, I am wonder how slow it would be.
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    Re: Fixing a system freeze

    I had the same issue with the same CPU specs. It froze after 24 hrs and it caused by Xorg that consumed 99% of the CPU. After I upgraded to kernel I686, the problem is gone. I am happy that my linux...
  15. Re: HOWTO: ubuntu and windows (fresh installations only)

    Don't worry. The it won't format your FAT32 partitions, if you are using manual instead of the automatic.

    don't touch your FAT32 partition, leave it the way it is.

    Delete the Ext3, create 2 new...
  16. Re: HOWTO: Avoid random lockups (with Nvidia Driver)

    Try "RenderAccel", but lower the value for NvAGP?

    Option "NvAGP" "1"

    Let me know if it helps.
  17. Re: HOWTO: ubuntu and windows (fresh installations only)

    I tried your way before I came up with this tip on my desktop computer. It did not take it. I used "Windows XP SP1a" for the that.

    for the previous post, I wasn't aware that you installed windows...
  18. Re: HOWTO: ubuntu and windows (fresh installations only)

    If you read it carefully, when you create the /windows partion, it automatically puts that partition as primary or the first primary.

    The order is important, like I stated above, windows is...
  19. Re: HOWTO: ubuntu and windows (fresh installations only)

    Follow my guide lines at:

    In addition to that, open "fstab" to remount your "/hda5 = FAT32", it will stay in your home directory. Here is a...
  20. How to share files using Samba (the more secure way)

    Required tools:

    - samba
    - samba-common

    To install: sudo apt-get install samba

    Once the server is install, issue the following command:
  21. Re: HOWTO: Avoid random lockups (with Nvidia Driver)

    You gain something by loosing something. It is only a matter of which one is more important to you.

    Unless there are changes in hdparm, otherwise, you can not have both.

    hdparm gives "time out...
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    Re: HOW-TO: Take screenshot w/ thumbnail

    Or if you don't want to install ImageMagick, you can just simply use GIMP.

    Run "GIMP Image Editor", go to "File > Acquire > Screenshot"
  23. HOWTO: Avoid random lockups (with Nvidia Driver)

    I am writing this to help Nvidia users who are struggling with random lockups. To begin with, make sure that you are using Nvidia Driver. Secondarily, make sure your system has the following symtom:...
  24. HOWTO: ubuntu and windows (fresh installations only)

    This is a guide to help you install both ubuntu and windows on one hard drive. This only apply to fresh installations only (both ubuntu and windows).

    The important thing is to keep things in...
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    Re: This is why I love Ubuntu

    nautilus is not running. just a plain desktop. :) BTW, what is the point to edit the headers?

    I am running:

    No daemons
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