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    Poll: Re: IRC Regular Meeting

    markthecarp: may I reccomend you use a CGI IRC to connect when unable to normally. It basically runs off of a webserver and does not use your computer to make a connection directly to the IRC...
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    Re: I'm stepping down - LoCo needs a leader

    That's quite unfortunate... this may be a detriment to the LoCo's success. Unfortunately, I'm too much of a lazy (and busy) person to replace you. Hope someone steps up.
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    Re: Welcome to the North Carolina LoCo forum!

    Red 5 standing by...

    I mean, Asheville here.
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    Poll: Re: How to: Broadcom Wireless cards

    I followed the instructions to the letter. (With the exception of a clean install).

    Nothing seems to be working.... when I modprobe bcm43xx, I get module not found.

    What am I doing wrong? ](*,)
  5. Re: Microsoft Anti-Spyware Removes Norton Anti-Virus

    I work for Earthlink in the retentions department and we sell NAV and NIS to customers on a monthly basis (whole package like 3.95 per month on top of whatever you already pay us). Whenever I see a...
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    Re: Spiffy New (Unstable) Gnucash

    me too, denisesballs... I just realized that when I read your post

    Palm -> Forehead....
  7. Poll: Re: In your opinion what is the biggest setback that is preventing Linux to widesprea

    Voted 3rd party support because well... you try installing that latest new keyboard with 1,000 keys (well, not really 1000) and map every single key in under an hour. If you can do that, I have...
  8. Re: Problems with WoW after installing latest updates with the auto-updater.

    Similar problems here after patching...

    oni@ubuntu:~$ cedega /home/oni/TransGaming_Drive/Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcr aft/WoW.exe
    For language 'en' several language ids were found:
    en_US -...
  9. Re: World of Warcraft on ubuntu: Using the newest 1.6.1 patch

    disregaurd this post!
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