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    [ubuntu] Customising System Sounds-Ubuntu 8.10

    I am trying to configure my system sound in Ubuntu 8.10. In the help section of the sound preferences, it says that I should click on "enable sound server startup". I do not see any "general"...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: How to Uninstall an application that has been compiled from source?

    I did sudo make removed everything. But the software is behaving weirdly even after fresh install..maybe some bug in g2ipmsg..weird, it worked nicely for sometime, maybe some...
  3. [ubuntu] How to Uninstall an application that has been compiled from source?

    Well I installed G2ipmsg from source by configuring and installing it.
    Now I am in a fix. I cant remove it. It has been behaving weirdly over last few days. I tried to reinstall it, it did...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: g2ipmsg Question:app halt after start for a while

    I am having the same problem here.
    I installed G2ipmsg from source by compiling it and stuff. It worked for a while but now it freezes whenever I start it.

    I tried to reinstall it. But it also...
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    [ubuntu] Re: RAM Increase- Boot Problems

    Thanks guys.
    I think its the faulty RAM module itself thats causing me probs. Checked booting with it alone and my comp froze. Will get it replaced.

    Thanks again!
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    [ubuntu] RAM Increase- Boot Problems

    I recently increased my RAM to 2 Gb fm 1 GB. There are two RAM Modules now. But when I booted then all the boot options in GRUB ended in error messages that went like "fatal error..unable to mount...
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