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    Re: nee to input characters by number

    Get a new or different keyboard.
    Just Kidding...
  2. Re: Request Testimonials for Ubuntu Membership Application for bernard010

    Thank You.. Very much appreciated.
  3. Request Testimonials for Ubuntu Membership Application for bernard010

    I am applying to become an Ubuntu member.
    Maybe you are able to help by submitting a testimonial?
    OR E-mail: ...
  4. [other] Re: Suggest some Light-weight OS to run in virtualbox on Ubuntu 20.04.2

    Try Linux Lite for your VM guest OS.
  5. Poll: Re: Share with us your Hirsute Hippo installation/Upgrade Experience

    It was a quicker install compared to the last LTS. I used all of the install methods that were available. Started with making a few bug reports before the final release.
    I am on the QA Testing Team....
  6. Re: Lubuntu Hirsute Hippo 21.04 Artwork Contest

    Thank You for posting the information. I have yet to have a chance to inter the Artwork Contest.
  7. Re: Are there 32bit Linux versions still supported?

    Their is Anti-X 32 bit OS. works well on older computers it has low hardware requirements. That is what I have on my old laptop with an atom processor & 1GB memory, Runs quick. It also comes in 64...
  8. Re: Giving Back: I clean installed Ubuntu on a rural village in Uganda - huh, what?!

    That is a wonderful thing having clean water and Ubuntu for communications for Uganda to keep in touch with the rest of the world. I donate a little time Translating the Afrikaans language for Ubuntu...
  9. Re: What are the risks to using Xubuntu 20.04 past Apirl 2023?

    My self I would get the new Lubuntu 21.04 that will be released on 04-22-2021 Especially due to it's very low hardware requirements. With 2GB memory it will run fast.
  10. Re: What is your fav DE (desktop environment) or WM (window managers)

    XFCE4 for me it is light weight convent. I like the looks of KDE plasma. GNOME Unity i never did get used to it.
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    Re: Best book on Linux Kernel?

    The old ever changing standby.
    I have been reading & Video - Kernel Development
    Is it possible to install a Linux...
  12. Re: What file system do you use for flashdrives?

    ESP/ fat32 and EXT4 File & swap system for me provided it is an OS.
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    Re: Oracle VM VirtualBox ! Works Good

    Thanks I will that is 2 distros that I have not tried yet. The Free BSD 12.1 - It is OK, different. Open BSD installer is in Shell- Command line. Thanks. Reminds me of old school Linux. I downloaded...
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    Re: Oracle VM VirtualBox ! Works Good

    I installed the new Ubuntu Focal 20.04 daily build for 2-20-2020. Full install & updated through terminal.
    Work Awesome ! Everything works good. I am testing it in VirtualBox. Benchmark came out...
  15. Sudo Vulneraility

    Sudo utility that under a specific configuration could allow low privileged users or malicious programs to execute arbitrary commands with administrative ('root') privileges on Linux. The flaw can...
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    Re: Hardware Acceleration

    3.5. System Settings
    The System category groups various settings that are related to the basic hardware that is presented to the virtual machine.Note As the activation mechanism...
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    Re: Hardware Acceleration

    According to the VM manual. Chapter 3.5.2
    Processor Tab- Uncheck mark both: -> Enable PAE/NX and Enable Nested VT-x/ Boxes.
    In Chapter 3.5.3
    Acceleration Tab on Hardware Virtualization- Uncheck...
  18. Re: Having trouble installing Ubuntu 18.04 VM

    This is your current OS for the Host of virtual box, Correct ?
    Is this the Virtual Box Guest OS?
    If you start an OS and arrive at the live session, next is to install the OS on the...
  19. Re: Having trouble installing Ubuntu 18.04 VM

    Contact the VM Package maintainer and express your concerns. I only have their documentation to go by.
  20. Re: Having trouble installing Ubuntu 18.04 VM

    Read the Documentation from that I posted from Oracle VM VirtualBox. Yes it is True. Chapter 12.4 Linux and X11 Guests & Chapter of the manual. It is correct, I checked the synaptic package...
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    Re: Hardware Acceleration

    Open Virtual Box Manager --> Select System from the list (The next after General that you posted) and open it. -->
    Their is 3 tabs (motherboard, Processor, Acceleration) Select Acceleration --> ...
  22. Re: Having trouble installing Ubuntu 18.04 VM

    VM on 18.04 Ubuntu is using the 2.6 VM Kernel it has a lot of bugs attached to it.
    The new 20.04 LTS Ubuntu will have the new 5.3 Kernel, due for release April 2020.
    Ubuntu 19.10 has the current...
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    Oracle VM VirtualBox ! Works Good

    I have the full version of oracle VM Virtual Box Installed on Linux. It works awesome.
    Installed: Ubuntu 18.04, Cinnamon Remix, Open SUSE 15.1, AntiX 19.1, KDE NEON 5.17.5.
    This is a good way for...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: dd: failed to open 'sdb': Permission denied; sdb was created using mknod

    ├── a.txt└─cryptswap1 253:0 0 11.9G 0 crypt [SWAP] Did you first open encrypted swap ? password protected
    └── sdb <--- Could not open
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    Re: do you use live distros often and why.

    I distro hop always have to check out a new Linux OS. Live USB is the way to do just that.
    Always try a new version of Ubuntu on a live USB. Another way to look at it gives you your own OS in your...
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