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    Re: Issue after installing Bitwarden

    Which version of Ubuntu are you installing? 21.10 has Bitwarden available as a SNAP package. It's a safe installation, what I'm using and it does what it is supposed to without fuss.

    If you are...
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    Re: Issue after installing Bitwarden

    At this point, since you don't know for sure what led to the connection error, I'd say a reinstall would probably be the easiest way to recover.

    BTW...I use Bitwarden on Ubuntu and can tell you...
  3. [all variants] Re: NVME SSD firmware updates: Linux? WHAT'S THAT? WE ONLEE HAV 4 WINDOZE

    Not all nvme devices can be updated while installed in an external enclosure...USB interfaces can be especially problematic.

    This is the main (but not only) reason I only buy Samsung SSDs. They...
  4. SNAP install of LibreOffice Writer renders all fonts poorly in Wayland session

    Honestly, they look like something from Windows 3.0 with a mis-matched display configuration. Blotchy and pixelated. Only fonts within the LibreOffice window are affected, but the issue manifests...
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    Re: Impish Indri Beta Release?

    Thanks, Fred.
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    Impish Indri Beta Release?

    The most recent daily .iso I see for AMD-64 desktop is dated 9-20. Is this serving as the beta or will there be a "formal" beta release sometime?
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: ATEN KVM breaks everything-Report

    KVM and Linux have had issues since the early days of the Republic. I got burned with this issue (almost same process you experienced) when I was on Mandrake Linux back in '04.
  8. [ubuntu] Re: when writing in hebrew in Writer the period appears on the other side

    Does it work correctly if you set the paragraph formatting to right justified?
  9. Re: PCIe/nvme driver (won't come out of sleep mode)

    This article popped up on Phoronix today. May be related to your issue.

    Your computer has an AMD CPU and chipset
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    Re: Ransonware Protection - Internal Drive

    If you're using rdiff-backup to backup to a dedicated partition on another device on the local machine, you can have the script that runs the backup mount/unmount the partition holding the store as...
  11. Re: PCIe/nvme driver (won't come out of sleep mode)

    What happens when the machine is asleep and you press one of the regular typing keys (other than the start button)?
  12. Re: PCIe/nvme driver (won't come out of sleep mode)

    According to the nvme-cli output you posted, you don't have a Samsung nvme storage device. It shows you have a Western Digital (WDC) device.
  13. Re: Epson v370 scanner and VueScan on Ubuntu 21.04

    Contact Hamrick. Last time I had a problem like this they were very responsive and came up with a solution in short order (i.e., instructions even I could follow. Problem turned out to be user...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to read CD-Rewrite disc

    My experience with consumer grade writable optical media has not been all that good. The discs seem to have a finite lifetime.

    I have a number of high quality parts (Taiyo Yuden) that went...
  15. Re: Will removing an intel optane nvme drive eliminate the RST restriction

    What hardware?

    The EFI setting you are looking for is the one that sets the disk controller operating mode. For ASUS machines this can be found under the under SATA options tab of Advanced...
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    Re: bad HDD or bad filesystem?

    Toss it.

    If you don't, from this day forward that piece of kit will be suspect for every problem ranging from the system not booting to the sun failing to rise in the East. You don't need that...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 21.04. Newbie here. Please confirm correctness before I do a Timeshift sys

    Jerry Pournelle used to say that doing things on the Mac was either impossibly simply or simply impossible.
  18. [ubuntu] Re: After suspend, disk comes back as read-only filesystem

    I'd be concerned about the errors SMART is reporting. Unrecoverable bad sectors are a major error and an indication that the drive is failing and should be replaced at the first opportunity.

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    [ubuntu] Re: ransomeware attack

    *** withdrawn ***
  20. Re: Software to place plain text and TIFs onto PDF?

    The package flpsed (in repo) will add text annotations to a pdf. Not sure about .tif images.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Canon LIDE 400 scanner problems

    If you don't mind spending $40 or so, Hamrick Software's VueScan should do the trick. You can try before you buy to ensure it works. VueScan, btw, is just brilliant. I've been using it for years...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Could we create an immutable incremental backup system to protect against ransomw

    Your immutable backup store doesn't have to be literally immutable. It just needs to be protected against any unauthorized alterations or deletions in the backup store.

    Some smart person could...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Could we create an immutable incremental backup system to protect against ransomw

    For Windows, take a look at Macrium Reflect ver 8. It should do the things for which you are looking.
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    Re: UEFI and locked BIOS

    According to the owner's manual for the MEDION model 34832 Erazer Engineer X10: (English)

    pressing and...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Does leaving unallocated space on a modern SSD prolong its life?

    I looked up my WD750 Black series device, and it appears to use use about 7% for "reserve". That's not too far off Samsung's 10%.
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