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    Re: Grid Wars 2 problems.

    Grid Wars worked perfectly for me until I set up my system sounds (under system, preferences, sound). Then it behaved exactly the way you described.
    I just went back and set the system sounds back...
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    Re: Please recommend me a new graphics card

    Here ya go, The Last Hurrah for the AGP bus.

    This is the fastest AGP Card you can get.
    Don't know about linux support for it.
  3. Re: Secret Maryo Chronicles is in the Gutsy Repo's! (+important install note)

    Installing with these instructions worked for me.
  4. Re: Nightmare Installing Unreal Tournament 2004 In Ubuntu 7.10

    I have a stupid question. Are you running UT2004 natively in Linux or through Wine?

    I know when UT is installed under Windows it wants the play disc to run the game every time, until you install...
  5. Re: Nightmare Installing Unreal Tournament 2004 In Ubuntu 7.10

    Did you install patch 3369

    Linux Patch 3369

    Do you have anything to do with the Omnip)o(tence ONS clan?
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    Re: Secret Maryo Chronicles

    Your link to the download goes to FreeCol not Secret Maryo
  7. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Just want to say HELLO Ubuntu Community. I'm very new to Ubuntu and Linux in general.
    I started with Feisty about 2 months ago to see how far you could go with a Microsoft free system.
    And I must...
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