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    [ubuntu] Re: Chrome unable to access Google??

    You may have an extension that is doing something funny. check settings extensions. if you want you can always reset it.
    per google search.

    Google Chrome has an option that will reset itself to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Chrome wont start

    in terminal
    cd .config/google-chrome [ enter]

    ls -all - this will give you a directory listing and the owner of the files. see if your user"bryce" is the owner on the left
    if it is root...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Chrome wont start

    it could be a few things.

    open terminal
    killall chrome [enter] - that will kill chrome if its running
    the try to start it again

    if you receive the same message
    in terminal
  4. Thread: Wifi Help

    by tripp98

    Re: Wifi Help

    First simple thing to try.

    plug in network cable.

    in system settings
    open software & updates
    go to additional drivers tab.

    see if there is a driver for your wireless card. apply it if its...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 15.10 won't recognize iphone 4S

    looks like it doesnt see the usb connection to the iphone.
    leave the terminal window up and try a different usb port with the iphone.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 15.10 won't recognize iphone 4S

    unplug iphone.
    open terminal
    type tail -f /var/log/syslog
    this will show you what is going on when you plug the iphone in.
    plug in iphone.
    see what it says.

    also make sure on the phone you...
  7. Re: Ubuntu 14.04LTS web server randomly freezes every 1 or 2 days

    ssh to the server and run top. what service is using 100%?
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Weird issue from out of nowhere Ubuntu 14.04

    If your computer/motherboard has the ability to test the hard drive you may want to run diagnostics on it. if grub takes a while to wake up where it was running fast previously then that is a sure...
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    Re: intel hardware glitches problem

    What type of video card do you have?

    have you installed additional drivers under system settings / software and updates / additional drivers.
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Can access internet but no local network resources on laptop via wifi

    some routers do not allow access from wireless clients. you may want to look up the model and see if this is one of them.

    Its just a router. doesnt matter the client.
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Unable to access Ubuntu network share from Windows, Ubuntu web interfaces are dow

    did the ip address change? on the server type ifconfig and verify that your still on the same IP.
  12. Re: Ubuntu virtual machine apache webhost down at times

    When this occurs are you able to ping the virtual server? Need to find out if its a virtual problem or a server problem
  13. Re: first ubuntu router - guest network question

    try untangle. They have good nic support.
  14. Re: Installed Ubuntu - Attempted email hack minutes later?

    Recommend changing your gmail password immediately. Inside of gmail Look in the details in the lower right corner. It will tell you where you have logged in. Also check your rules within gmail. ...
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    Re: Remote filesharing like samba

    Setup a vpn then they can access it like they are in the office.
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    Re: Virtualbox does not connect to internet

    If you want your virtual machine on the same subnet as your host pc. change from nat to bridged.

    also have you installed the guest virtualbox add ons?
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Can't get internet connection working on Ubuntu Server 14.04.3 LTS

    From your server try pinging your gateway.

  18. Re: Dead computer after clean Ubuntu 14.04 install.

    unplug hard drive. boot from cd see if the computer is working without the hard drive. if it does then your mb may be booting too fast to select options.
    do some hardware diagnostics then you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 hangs at times

    when it happens can you switch to another screen? try control alt f1. you can log into the console there and do a top it will show you what is working the hardest. kill it then switch back using...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Firefox and google maps

    +1 to bucky. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

    its flash. Chrome has a flash like thing installed. the restricted extras will get flash for firefox.
  21. Re: Mitigating physical access attacks like inception (firewire) badusb et al

    If physical access is the issue remove it. Run everything virtual.
  22. [ubuntu] Re: System detecting only half of RAM (4GiB) after chaging motherboard

    Re-seat the memory.
    Boot to bios. see what it reports.
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Installing ubuntu and getting 'Invalid Format' error/message

    Sounds like you have a pretty powerful pc. Which iso did you download 32 or 64?
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    [SOLVED] Re: External USB drives not mounting

    make sure they are unplugged. open a terminal window. do sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog

    this will show you what is going on when you plug it in.

    plug in drive. please post what you see in the...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: How to Speed Up 135 Second Boot Time Ubuntu 14.04 dmesg

    How much ram does it have? Have you done any customization on the swap partition?
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