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    [ubuntu] Re: PHP won't output errors

    Yup, that's how I tried to turn them on.
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    [ubuntu] PHP won't output errors

    So I've got Apache and PHP installed for development testing, and despite having php's error reporting enabled in the php.ini file, I'm not getting any error output.

    I figured I'd post this here...
  3. [all variants] Re: Printing with lp produces scrambled output

    So I've realized that depending on the image's physical size (that is, not filesize or resolution but the size in inches it is intended to be printed at), it may print correctly or incorrectly.
  4. [all variants] Printing with lp produces scrambled output

    So I need to print PNG files from the command line, and when I try using lp, the files print out scrambled and on several pages. Does anyone have any ideas why this can be happening? I've been...
  5. [gnome] Shift+F3 in terminal not behaving as expected

    So for a while now at work I've been using Ubuntu and it's been working quite well. I run tn5250 in gnome-terminal and everything works, except when I try to hit shift + an F key.
    What happens when...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: How can I have Apache only repsond to one computer?

    How would I set it to allow connections with my desktop?
  7. [ubuntu] How can I have Apache only repsond to one computer?

    So I've got a netbook that I'm running Apache on, and I only want it to serve and talk to my desktop. I don't know much about securing a server, and don't want others able to access it.

    So, how...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: How to enable icons in System menu in Ubuntu 10.04?

    I'm just curious, does anybody know why they first disabled them by default, and then removed the easy way to change it from the appearances tab?

    Personally, I like both the icons in the menus and...
  9. [ubuntu] Evolution alarm/notification questions

    Heyas, I'm using Evolution to send and receive mail with a Groupwise server, and like how I get notifications when I get new mail. But if I close all Evolution windows, the program seems to quit.
  10. [ubuntu] How can I get the old screensavers that Karmic doesn't include?

    Versions of Ubuntu prior to Karmic had a lot of cool screensavers. Is there a package with them all for easy installation?
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Monitor keeps going blank for a second

    It also seems to happen when I pan an image in Gimp, so I'm thinking it might have to do with specific graphics operations? It never has done this in Windows.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Monitor keeps going blank for a second

    Things that trigger this seem to be opening a window or if a window hint gets set to urgent.
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Monitor keeps going blank for a second

    Ati. It's an X1900 All in Wonder.
  14. [ubuntu] Monitor keeps going blank for a second

    I've got Ubuntu 9.10 running on my desktop, with two monitors. On one of them, it keeps going blank for about half a second. I can't tell why it's doing it, but it seems to do such more often when...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: How to enable tap middle click on trackpad in 9.10

    I can hit both physical buttons to emulate a middle click but I'd much rather be able to hit the corner like before.
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    [ubuntu] Re: HP Wireless Assistant and Ubuntu

    Level1orc: It sounds like you may need to install drivers. If none are automatically available for in the driver manager applet, figure out what kind of card you have, and see if you can find drivers...
  17. [ubuntu] How to enable tap middle click on trackpad in 9.10

    So I'm on my Acer Aspire One, and in the last few versions of Ubuntu, on the track pad, I could tap the bottom right corner for right click, and upper right corner for middle click. But with 9.10 the...
  18. [gnome] Re: CompizFusion showing black windows and menus, how to disable it?

    How do I open in Metacity though?

    Edit: nevermind, just ran the command on tty. Thanks!
  19. [gnome] CompizFusion showing black windows and menus, how to disable it?

    So I turned on the 'burry windows' effect for CompizFusion on Ubuntu 9.04. Now, windows and menus just render black. Well just about everything does, and leaves a black box on the screen.

    How do...
  20. [ubuntu] Can't set extra monitor to full resolution as of Jaunty

    So I have an Acer Aspire One netbook that I sometimes hook up to my 19" monitor via vga cable. I used to be able to set the resolution on that to 1280x1024 (it's native resolution), but as of Jaunty,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wacom tablet eraser acts like a pen

    How about getting pressure and sensitivity working? I know next to nothing about how this is all configured, but I have a Graphire 4.

    What's not working:
    Buttons and Scroll...
  22. [ubuntu] Should tracker have come installed in 9.04?

    So I just installed Jaunty, and it seems Tracker didn't get installed. At first I found it surprising, wondering why they didn't include it, but was it _supposed_ to be installed? I wonder why I...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Any way to tweak Pidgin message notifying?

    Well, I think a good update would only be needed to the libnotify plugin, no? Perhaps they could just make a choice of including message text or not.

    Ideally, I'd like to see it just have a...
  24. [ubuntu] Any way to tweak Pidgin message notifying?

    So I just got Ubuntu 9.04, and one of the first things I noticed was the way Pidgin notifies of IMs.

    I don't like having pop-ups that give the text of what message just got sent to me. So, I...
  25. [ubuntu] Need help installing PHP5 on Ubuntu Desktop

    I'm in a basic web development class and the first step is to get Apache and PHP installed on our systems.

    From the Ubuntu Synaptic Package Manager, I have these 3 packages installed:...
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