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    Australian National University Hack

    The Australian National University, aka ANU, system was recently hacked over a period of time by a team of several entities.
    The original access was through an email, unopened, apparently previewed,...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: How do I make (file name) date based sequential files?

    Try using Thunar Bulk Rename, its available from the repository. I would use it to rename pic files downloaded from my camera. It is not Thunar File Manager but a stand alone ap.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Screen flickering Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi, My screen sometimes pulses "on and off" during boot. The dot bar is static so I suppose boot has been suspended during this event. My solution is to power down and reboot which is successful. Why...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Reporting bug in 18.04

    How much RAM do you have installed? I think you need at least 4Gb these days with the huge webpage content, scripts etc. If you want to run Fire Fox with multiple tabs. e.g 4tabs could push you over...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Using Wildcards

    Thanks for your reply. I have loaded Thunar File Manager which has the facility to bulk rename according to various selected parameters. This facility also appears as a stand alone application once...
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    [SOLVED] Using Wildcards

    Can you use wildcards to specify a range of files in a move or rename operation.
    E.G. I have a directory A of JPG files created with a camera A. I have another directory B of JPG files created with...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu update for two networked desktops

    Historically I have had problem 1 and I decided to source the updates PC 1 and PC 2 from different servers. I thought that the server identified the two PC's as just one i.e. that a flag...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu update for two networked desktops

    Thanks for your help problem 2 solved.
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu update for two networked desktops

    The following test was carried out from admin login not my user login where I use Software Updater.
    The response to sudo apt-get update is:
  10. [SOLVED] Ubuntu update for two networked desktops

    Problem 1:
    I have two desktop PC's connected to the internet via a router (common arrangement). Both PC's have 16.04 LTS as system. From the Desktop using System / Details / Check for updates I can...
  11. Re: Business or enterprise login software

    Thanks for your interest. Same Firefox on Win 10 has access. Talking to Vodafone, not sure of the persons knowledge, offshore call centre, he said that there login software will only interact with...
  12. Business or enterprise login software

    For some years I have been unable to use the Australian Govt online Tax return facility because it will not interact with Linux/Ubuntu systems. I have now learnt that Vodafone has changed their...
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    Re: eXeSMS install to Ubuntu 12.04

    The script enables SMS to be sent from a PC. It is provided by EXETEL (ISP) for their clients.
    Single or group SMS can be sent from a pop up panel on your Desktop.
    It works but I dont think I have...
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    Re: eXeSMS install to Ubuntu 12.04

    Further to my post,
    eXeSMS is a free 3rd Party Java application supplied by my ISP.
    Where should an application such as this be located.
    Could I create a "My Apps" directory in /usr/bin to locate...
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    Re: eXeSMS install to Ubuntu 12.04

    Double billing SOLVED,
    Subsequent to my earlier post I found the location of my stored SMS messages and did a char count on the particular message and it exceeded 160 chars.
    My apology to Exetel,...
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    eXeSMS install to Ubuntu 12.04

    I recently installed eXeSMS (other sys) onto a user login of Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop.
    The eXeSMS zip file was unpacked in the Downloads folder of the Admin directory (Home/"Admin name").
    From the user...
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