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    [Phone] Re: 15.04 for Ubuntu phone?

    I got the aquaris 5 HD a few days ago. Upgraded to 15.04. Works as a charm. Phone, messaging, wheater info, gmail and yahoo mail, calendar etc. Wi-fi or 3g works as well. Haven't tested the...
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    Re: HOWTO: migrate wubi install to partition

    I am writing from a fresh transfer of kubuntu into its own 500GB partition, so it is obviously working. Thank you for sharing this excellent script.:)
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    Re: TOP Ubuntu/Linux/Windows games

    Awesome list and good thread. Thanks.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Sharing printer with Windows -- do I need Samba?

    There is a post outlining a very simple way of sharing drives and printers. I have tried in the past using the add printer and it did not work in XP. However after following this post it worked:
  5. Re: HowTo: Easiest way to share files & printers with Windows

    Thank you very much. I tried to share the printer before with zero success. I followed your guide to the letter and it WORKS perfectly. I have just printed my first page from my XP laptop. On a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI X1650 Hardy Solutions??

    I also have the X1650. I had some problems in gutsy with older versions. However, once I installed Hardy (reformat fresh) it works without any problems (including compiz). I remember when having a...
  7. [kubuntu] Re: Cannot play DVDs (yes another one of those...)

    I had the same problem. After correctly adding medibuntu to your repositories and installing libdvdcss2 I opened Kaffeine, and under xine settings I set the device to dev/scd0. No more problems after...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to install xp using virtualbox?

    I just installed XP in virtualbox myself. I am no geek but it seemed simple enough. Here is what I did:

    -Instal virtualbox and vitulabox-module for your linux kernel version.
    -Go into system...
  9. [kubuntu] Solution for shutdown issue with Ati driver

    I have seen a number of posts where people report a shutdown / reboot system block after the Ati restricted driver is enbled. The user Lesergi has posted a solution and it seems that it is working....
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    [kubuntu] Re: 8.04 install/upgrade won't shutdown??????

    I do not know how did you figure it out, but your solution works. Finally we can have flawless shutdown with ati cards. Thank you for sharing:

    You must edit the file /etc/ati/
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    [kubuntu] Re: [8.04] Crash at shutdown or logout

    Same problem here. It works from the terminal with sudo shutdown, but it hangs with a blank screen if using the UI buttons.

    In my case I am poositive it is the Ati driver. The problem only...
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