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  1. Re: Installing Drivers for logitech MX5500 Keyboard mouse combo

    FYI, mine was /dev/usb/hiddev1 to get it working, but dude's instructions above (aside from that fact) worked perfectly fine. Basically do an ls /dev/usb and choose whatever the highest hiddev device...
  2. [all variants] Re: Linux terminals to a windows terminal server

    Sounds to me what you want is to have a Windows server running Terminal Services. Then use tsclient in Gnome to connect to them. They log in and they all get their own windows desktop on the server....
  3. [all variants] Re: can't resize pidgin window (can't make smaller)

    The easy way to fix this is to install the extended prefs plugin and check the box that says "allow buddylist to shrink below normal size constraints". That won't solve the problem of it randomly...
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