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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Welcome to the forum @skoggo. As you didn't have a support question I've moved your post and yancek's reply into the welcome thread. Good luck with your use of Ubuntu.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Screen flickering Ubuntu 18.04

    Back to sleep, ancient and solved thread.
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    Re: 12.04lts upgrade

    Not only does it seem to be connected to the internet, but the OP actually specifies that it is a VPS. And, according to their other thread, they appear to be running a website. And have managed to...
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    Re: Text on websites is too light to read


    Firefox is fine and I do not see too-pale text. You have been asked whether you have any browser extensions/addons, but you have not answered. You were also asked to provide screenshots,...
  5. Re: SAMBA Host allow with dynamic dns such as no-ip?

    Thread moved to Debian sub-forum.
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    Re: Text on websites is too light to read

    That is not a feature of Ubuntu. I can't remember an occasion in 15+ years' use of Ubuntu where that was a issue for me. Perhaps if you post a link to a website whose text is too pale for you, forum...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Migration from CentOS to ubuntu docker image

    Threads merged. Please do not ask the same question in different threads. You can bump a thread if you don't get a reply after 12-24 hours or so.
  8. Re: Working terminal line into upper tray. Is it possible?

    Support, not chat.

    Thread moved to General Help.
  9. Re: Fail to connect to Windows shares: "failed to retrieve share list from server"

    Back to sleep, ancient and oft-necromanced thread.
  10. Re: set enviroment variable to metasploit

    From TheFatRat github page:


    Thread closed.
  11. Re: Trouble nagivating to /home directory in terminal


    cd /home/desktop


    cd /Home/Desktop
  12. Re: Need help upgrading from Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS with ESM enabled

    @jrahman2, I have restored the original text of your post and removed the solved tag.

    Replacing your original text with "[Wiped the system -- Problem no longer exists]" is discourteous to the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: 21.10 Upgrade questions

    Thread moved to Ubuntu Development Version sub-forum.
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    Re: changing the OS

    Look at the top of this page - you'll see the complete navigation trail as a series of links. Everything on this forum is under "The Ubuntu Forum Community". Sub-ordinate to that are the four main...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Is an Epson Workforce WF-2835 printer compatible with 20.04?

    I get the forbidden message too.

    A brief google search came up with this:

    The 64-bit Linux and Ubuntu...
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    Re: Recent Ubuntu Epic Fail

    The ISO for Ubuntu 19.10 can be found for download if you know where to look but I'm not going to tell you, since it was an interim release only supported for 9 months and now well past end-of-life....
  17. Re: Lubuntu - root password at install time?

    +1. Thank you @grahammechanical.

    This is the New to Ubuntu sub-forum. Giving advice on how to enable the root account and thus set a huge bear trap for oneself in a section provided especially for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install Ubuntu Impish

    Thread moved to Ubuntu Development Version sub-forum.
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    Re: irssi encoding

    Support, not chat.

    Thread moved to Server Platforms.


    Please specify the operating system and release version running on the server.
    I've removed the last few lines from your post....
  20. Re: server not found. Where to start solving this problem?

    Forum Feedback & Help, where you posted this, is for questions about using the forum, not for technical support. Thread moved to General Help.

    You'll need to give more details for those who may...
  21. Re: Bitcoin Server "Electrs" Installation Failing

    Your linked video shows electrs being installed to Ubuntu Bionic Beaver. Please confirm which release and flavour of Ubuntu you are trying to install electrs to, or which Linux distro if not Ubuntu....
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    Re: Odd situation with USB drive

    How much did it cost? Was it a "bargain"? If so, it's probably a fake, a low capacity drive programmed to declare itself as 1TB. Unfortunately, Amazon is not immune from having these fakes listed on...
  23. Re: Problems with the installer/UEFI

    Gparted is showing a red exclamation mark against nvme0n1p1. Although you have the correct flags set on it, the exclamation mark means there is a problem with it.

    A few thoughts.

    Since you no...
  24. Re: Problems with the installer/UEFI

    Yes, there is something wrong. Your nvme0n1p4 ext4 partition has the boot and esp flags. Was that the partition you were intending to install Ubuntu to? An ESP partition must be formatted FAT, and is...
  25. Re: Problems with the installer/UEFI

    I'm guessing here, but since you have three ext4 partitions and a swap partition, you probably created those partitions with gparted before starting the installer, rather than letting the installer...
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