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    Re: HOWTO: migrate wubi install to partition

    Couldn't have been easier. Thanks so much for writing and maintaining this script. Loved the fact it supported Oneiric.
  2. Re: [Howto] Setup and use Leafnode-2 with the newsreader slrn

    Slrn has really good support for customizing the colors it uses. I'm a Zenburn junkie and just wanted to share a reasonable approximation of Zenburn in slrn:

    color unread_subject "color188" ...
  3. Re: [Howto] Setup and use Leafnode-2 with the newsreader slrn

    I'm a big fan of gnus but I'm the first to admit it is incredibly arcane and not for everyone. Like so many others things when dealing with Emacs the trick is to learn the bare minimum to get it up...
  4. Re: [Howto] Setup and use Leafnode-2 with the newsreader slrn

    Of course, I use gnus via emacs for the majority of my newsreading. I have slrn setup on a server of mine for quick checks from ssh when I'm out and about.

    Tried pan for a while and it is a nice...
  5. Re: [Howto] Setup and use Leafnode-2 with the newsreader slrn

    Ahh. Sounds like something I should read up on since leafnode 1 is a seriously slick piece of software and it sounds like the new version is getting more bells and whistles. Thank you for putting up...
  6. Re: [Howto] Setup and use Leafnode-2 with the newsreader slrn

    I managed to get leafnode up and running easily enough with the leafnode in the official universe repository. It seems to work fine so far, I was curious what benefit your procedure gives? :)
  7. Re: Making GUI with C? Where should I start from?

    I'd agree with you if you're talking about glade2. Glade3 however is quite nice. Also, libglade (the library that slurps in the xml to create the gui) is a separate thing from the glade program.
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    Re: Stupid question about #define in C

    Keep your pascal out of my C!
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    Re: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1800

    I got tired of opening tvtime everytime I wanted to change a channel so I bothered to learn how to do it from the commandline. Turns out ivtv-tune does the trick.

    But since I'm really lazy and...
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    Re: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1800

    It's a bit finicky but i've been able to use kpaden's incantation successfully and i'm watching (and hearing!) the morning news now via mplayer.

    I tried to get mythtv working but couldn't get it...
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    Re: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1800

    After upgrading Ibex I've been able to cat /dev/video1 and get sound and video. Can't get it working with mplayer yet but still a huge step forward!

    Getting excited :)
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    Re: WORKING analog audio!

    What are you cat'ing? /dev/video0 or /dev/video1? I get audio from the mpeg stream from video1 but the picture is very staticy and rolling. tvtime picks up the video signal from video0 just fine...
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    Re: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1800

    Looking into the mercurial log the last cx23885 commit was on the July 1st. The last HVR-1800 specific commit was on January, 13th.

    Not looking good for analog audio support. So frustrating, its...
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    Re: C-Warning: Code has no effect (Pointers)

    What happens when you define bytecount as a long int? LINT might be a structure in which case the post-increment operator would have no effect on it.
  15. Re: [C] Proper data structure design for a very simple text editor

    This is a particularly bizarre approach! :)

    This approach is problematic for several reasons. First, linked lists are not random access data structures. Let's say you open a file with 100,000...
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    Re: is kde4 worth a try?

    I would hold off trying it until KDE 4.1 hits the repositories. The second release candidate was just posted so it should hit pretty soon!
  17. HOWTO: Setup a DLINK WUA-2340 USB Wireless Adapter in Hardy

    So you want to have a working wireless setup in Hardy and you happen to have a D-Link WUA-2340 Wireless USB adapter. Fear not! For this will give you a nice working setup.

    We will be using...
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    [gnome] Re: gnome-swallow-applet or any alternative?

    If you are willing to use (abuse?) your notification area to hold the icon for the application you could use alltray ( to put anything you want in there.

    It is in...
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