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    ssh-agent, ssh-add and ssh in a script

    For work I often have to SSH into another machine, which I can do by running the following three commands in succession from the command line:

    eval `ssh-agent`

    ssh-add -l | grep -q `ssh-keygen...
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    How to upgrade OpenGL?

    When I launch SuperTuxKart I get the following warning:

    How do I update this? I've tried Googling but have got a bit lost... (Please bear in mind I know NOTHING about video drivers.)
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Problems trying to reformat, rename external HDD

    Also, in case it's useful to anyone else who's new to this stuff, like me...

    I found that the drive mounted with root ownership and was read-only to anyone but root. You can change this by...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Problems trying to reformat, rename external HDD

    Okay, so as I wrote in my original post I was trying to change the device label just so that I could get GParted to reformat the drive for me. Thanks for suggesting the mkfs.ntfs command. In fact I...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Problems trying to reformat, rename external HDD

    Thanks for all your advice :) I'm going away for a couple of days and will have a look at what you've suggested when I'm back.
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Problems trying to reformat, rename external HDD

    LOL, I was clearly being a bit thick. :o

    But still, I can't change the label name - I get a dialog box but "Partition Label" is blank, greyed out, and I can't enter any text into it.

  7. [SOLVED] Re: Problems trying to reformat, rename external HDD


    Thanks for your reply. I'm running KDE not Gnome, but I installed the gnome-disk-utility package. I don't see an "Edit Filesystem Label" button anywhere (see screen shot)...
  8. [SOLVED] Problems trying to reformat, rename external HDD

    I have a Seagate Expansion Drive (1TB) which I can mount on my Kubuntu laptop. It's formatted as NTFS but I want to reformat it using GParted. However, GParted gives me a warning: "Unable to find...
  9. [all variants] Re: Problems with timestamp metadata on JPEG file (due to daylight saving hour?)

    "Set date and time automatically" is not ticked.

    I've tried copying the file and you're right, the metadata doesn't change. I thought even the modification time would be saved as part of the...
  10. [all variants] Problems with timestamp metadata on JPEG file (due to daylight saving hour?)

    I'm having trouble understanding how Ubuntu deals with timestamps in metadata. As an example I've just taken a photo with my camera at 18:05 (UTC+1). On the camera itself, it shows the correct time...
  11. [all variants] Remove Alpha Channel using GIMP in batch mode

    I have several hundred PNGs from which I want to remove the alpha channel. I know how to remove the alpha channel in GIMP, but I don't know how to use batch mode to do all the files in one go. Can...
  12. [all variants] Skype microphone issues - will these instructions help?

    I'm trying to set up Skype (I have version on my laptop (Acer Aspire 5738) using my front microphone. At the moment I'm just getting a horrible low growling sound. I've found these...
  13. Thread: wallpaper

    by EssexEagle

    [ubuntu] Re: wallpaper

    Don't know whether the OP is using KDE but it is still possible in KDE4 (it's just much less obvious than in KDE3). Click on the cashew in the top right corner of the desktop, zoom out, go to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: openoffice won,t open files

    What email client are you using? What exactly does the message say? Is this connected to the problems you're having with opening files in OpenOffice, or is this a separate issue? Please try to...
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    [all variants] Re: How to access spreadsheet data without GUI ?

    Have you looked into writing macros in Calc to do this? (I've never done any macros in OpenOffice so I wouldn't know where to start I'm afraid, but hopefully someone here will be able to point you...
  16. Re: who's the owner of UNIX? is it free&opensource?


    I didn't realize that linking to a Wikipedia article was going to start off this kind of argument, and I almost wish I hadn't done it now. I'm hardly the first person to advise looking at...
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    [SOLVED] Re: "Desktop" folder issues

    Right-click on the desktop, go to settings, and switch from Desktop to Folder View.
  18. Re: who's the owner of UNIX? is it free&opensource?

    Always a good place to start ;)
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    [SOLVED] Re: Windows versus Linux (security)

    The Ubuntu security thread will probably answer many of your questions:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Hesitant to make the switch again.

    I'd make yourself an Ubuntu 10.04 live CD, boot up from that (you can try Ubuntu on the CD without installing anything) and see how it goes. Be aware that it will run slightly slower off the CD than...
  21. [xubuntu] Re: Accessing files through text? (Similar to "Start -> Run" in Windows)

    nautilus /path/to/folder

    Instead of using a terminal you can also type Alt+F2 to bring up a command box just like Start > Run in Windows.

    Edit: Actually I don't know whether Nautilus is the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing Games

    The Eve Online EULA is here if you want to read it.

    I have a friend who plays Eve Online in Ubuntu (I assume he uses Wine), so it's definitely possible to get it working.
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    [kubuntu] Re: How to answer dpkg-reconfigure questions?

    Yep, and I get exactly the same as you:

    $ cd ~/.config/vlc/
    $ ls
    vlc-qt-interface.conf vlcrc

    And the file vlcrc contains the lines

    # Screen for fullscreen mode. (integer)...
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    [ubuntu] Re: help with terminal

    I learnt to use the terminal using - good site IMO.
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    [ubuntu] Re: I need to get windows back

    n.b. You can always boot Ubuntu from your Live CD to use the internet, you don't have to reinstall.
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