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  1. NFS Client Issue with 4294967295 UID - Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS


    I'm having a problem listing directory contents of an NFS mounted directory if the remote system has the value 4294967295 on any UID or GID. The error that comes from the shell is:

    ls -l...
  2. NFS Client Issue with 4294967295 UID - Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS

    EDIT: I didn't realize this sub-forum wasn't for support. Therefore, I have reposted this question under General Help:

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    [all variants] Re: MAAS on VMware ESX 4

    EDIT: So I isolated MAAS on its own network 10.10.10.X and this seemed to have fixed it. DON'T FORGET TO RUN sudo maas-import-isos!!!
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    [all variants] MAAS on VMware ESX 4

    I would like to run a 3 node MAAS on one of my ESX servers, mainly for software development purposes against OpenStack.

    I was installing MAAS. I have one main server running the MAAS. I then added...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: VMWare Tools for Headless Oneiric Server

    Wish I could help you, but I'm having the same issue. The installer half works. The tools services are running, but things like the desktop integration that makes the copy/paste work through the...
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    [ubuntu] Problems with Static IPs and Routes

    Hi all,

    I'm having issues with static IP routing with more than one interface configured. What I would like to do is have 2 ethernet interfaces configured for link redundancy and load balancing. ...
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