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    [ubuntu] Telus Kyocera Card & Ubuntu


    I've recently changed over to Ubuntu from Windows. So far everything is going great and I'm LOVING Ubuntu 8.04. However, I'm trying to get my kyocera Wireless EVDO card to work and I don't...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Graphics stopped working with Hardy heron upgrade

    I fixed this and got out of "low graphics mode" by going to etc\X11\xorg.conf and replacing with the back up (that ubuntu makes everytime settings are changed ((it was called xorg.conf.1)) ). BOOM....
  3. [ubuntu] Graphics stopped working with Hardy heron upgrade

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what's going on with the intel 965 chips, right now.I was running ubuntu 8.04 RC fine, yesterday, and when I upgraded today and rebooted... my computer will only run in...
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