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  1. Re: Encrypted ZFS root with a netinstall?

    Welcome to the forum.

    I've moved your post to its own thread from this old thread:

    Bumping someone else's abandoned, moribund and year-old...
  2. Re: Permission to change email and password

    There is no post number restriction for changing your forum email. Now that your forum and Ubuntu One SSO accounts are linked, you can change the email in either or both of your forum and SSO...
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    Re: Ubuntu core on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

    Post moved to its own thread from this thread - - and moved to General Help.

    Welcome to the forum, oliver070. I've moved your post because you are...
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    Re: Google search issue

    You've posted this in the PCLinuxOS sub-forum of the "Other Operating Support and Projects" section. What is the relevance of this question to support for PCLinuxOS?
  5. Re: Alarm! Please Read.

    @mlk3_08, I've removed the image from your post. All you achieved with that was to publicise all the contents of the offender's spam message. In future, a report of any spam message will suffice. The...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Request to capitalize the first two letters

    No problem. All done.
  7. Re: Username request change and anonymization

    Your first choice was available. All done.
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    Re: Where is KVM forum

    You are looking for a KVM forum rather than seeking technical help for KVM, so the thread doesn't belong in General Help which is for technical support. I've moved this thread to Ubuntu, Linux & OS...
  9. Re: Video editor for Ubuntu which is comparable to FCP or Premiere Pro?

    Back to sleep, ancient thread.

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    Re: Please disable remove my account

    Account disabled and username randomised in accordance with the Forum Data Attribution, Retention and Privacy Policy
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    Re: clamtk found a possible threat

    Thread moved to Mint sub-forum.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can you identify this code?

    Near duplicate of:

    Please do not post different threads about the same issue. This causes confusion and dilutes community effort.

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    Re: Problems with apt-get update

    Ancient thread - closed.
  14. Re: Cannot login to forums with new domain name

    Send me a pm with it and I can change the forum email address - or at least try to. Hopefully, you'll be able to change it in your Ubuntu One account without any problem. Just to be clear - this...
  15. Re: Cannot login to forums with new domain name

    Did some digging, and found this:

    Yes, the...
  16. Re: Cannot login to forums with new domain name


    I don't see any need to do that. Simply changing the email in both the SSO account and forum account should suffice. The two accounts will remain linked whatever emails you set in them. If...
  17. Re: Cannot login to forums with new domain name

    What exactly are you trying to do? Your Nattereri forum account is linked to an active Ubuntu One SSO, and it is clear from your post that you can log in OK. Changing your preferred email in your...
  18. Thread: Inspired

    by coffeecat

    Re: Inspired


    Eh? Have I been asleep or something?
  19. Re: Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10 upgrade using edgy.tar.gz problem

    Hmmmm. [-(

    Firstly: please do not try to moderate here. We have forum staff for that.

    Secondly: forum members are free to give their advice whether you like it or not. Telling you that running...
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    Re: Christmas give a way

    The trademark you have included in your design is the "Circle of Friends", owned by Canonical Ltd, the private company that develops and publishes Ubuntu, and which markets associated services. You...
  21. Re: GNOME extensions for time in 21.10 Not Happy

    Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat.

    The Forum Feedback & Help sub-forum is for "Report(ing) technical problems with the website ... (i.e. broken features), or ask(ing) questions pertaining...
  22. Re: How do you replace SDDM with LightDM in Linux Mint?

    Thread moved to Mint sub-forum
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    Re: sane.d scanner and pdf size

    This appears to be a Windows question, not Ubuntu, therefore I've moved this thread to the Windows sub-forum.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Valuable Feedback

    This is a user forum - that is a forum whose membership consists of ordinary users such as yourself. No one here can do anything about errors and problems you encounter, except to give you help and...
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    Re: Giving up, or trying to


    @infinicee, unless you tried to install Deepin, or any other distro, just running the live session does not "bar access to your data", or block rebooting of Windows. Installing a Linux...
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