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  1. [ubuntu] Sony Vaio SVE11126CVW - Boot Problems - Boot Screen then Black Screen

    Okay, this is my Dad's netbook. He purchased this in the Phillipenes I don't know what happened to his Windows 8 install, I tried booting and it would lag so bad I couldn't do anything to try to fix...
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    [ubuntu] Multi-Boot Live DVD

    Can someone point me into the right direction to making a multi-boot live DVD?

    For instance,

    Ubuntu 32bit
    Ubuntu 64bit
    Mint 32bit
    Mint 64bit

    All on one DVD
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    Wine GeForce FX 5700

    I am using Nvidia GeForce FX5700 w/ 256mb, and I can't get Wine to detect it? I have installed the drivers for it, I just can't get Steam to recognize it when I try to launch CS:S. I will play CS:S...
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