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    [ubuntu] Re: grsecurity and SElinux

    grsecurity does the same thing as selinux, just have to install gradm and you get the ACL features.
  2. [other] Re: Patching Apparmor and Grsecurity together, is it possible?

    Why would you want to do that ? Can you please share your thoughts?

    I'm asking you this because AppArmor and Grsecurity do almost the same thing, they do ACL approx the same way using policy...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: [Hardy] Apparmor - Restricting Apache2-ITK VirtualHosts

    any ideas ? anyone ?
  4. [ubuntu] [Hardy] Apparmor - Restricting Apache2-ITK VirtualHosts


    I'm setting up a shared hosting solution, with apache2-mpm-itk for user management and libapache2-mod-chroot to chroot /var/www/ and I'm having trouble enforcing the a policy idea, here are...
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