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    Re: “Superphone” that can be a PC

    have you guys seen this:

    8 cores and 3GB ram :shock:
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Server 12.04.4 NIC installation

    maybe try taking a backup of 70-persistent-net.rules, then edit and comment out all lines and reboot the server. udev may regenerate the network config then.
  3. Re: Logging into password protected files from windows

    If each PC is making separate single connections, there should be no issue.
  4. Re: Replace my Windows 2003 server with...

    +2 for zentyal ;)

    Word of warning though: OpenOffice/LibreOffice docs sometimes have weird bugs when opening them on Microsoft Office, especially the spreadsheets. If you're just reading the...
  5. Re: Logging into password protected files from windows

    First of all, to clear logons in windows use:
    net use /delete

    Just to clarify, you're using a single pc to access the samba server right? I think the above is correct as windows only allows a...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: NFS mount in /etc/fstab causes mountall plymouth command failed

    I think the problem is that the system reads /etc/fstab before it reads /etc/networking/interfaces

    edit: from the ubuntuwiki:
  7. Re: Logging into password protected files from windows

    How did you set up the file shares? Can you print out /etc/samba/smb.conf?
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    Re: Ubuntu 13.10 Mail server

    I agree with SeijiSensei, you should use 12.04 or if you can wait for 14.04 that might be better. Other than that, there are several turnkey solutions, but postfix is a great place to learn how linux...
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    Re: Virtualisation for videogames

    This is definitely something that vmware is working on, though i can't speak for the other camps (VB, etc). The good thing is that it isn't only about gaming, you can use high graphics performance...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: HP ML330 G6 not booting - sbin/init not found

    In that case i think you need to do grub recovery. I found this post via google:

    I don't think...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: HP ML330 G6 not booting - sbin/init not found

    Hey there. I got you message and sorry for the late reply. I actually don't know a lot about LVM, but the general idea applies: You need to have your mountpoints referenced in /etc/fstab.

    % cat...
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    Re: SSH X-11 Port Forwarding on Mac

    You've got it right with -p for port, and as Lars mentioned, it needs to be X, not x
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    Re: Setting up shared hosting with Ubuntu

    Agreeing with the answer in this link:

    waaay to big of a project for this forum :D
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    Re: Importing Freenas drive?

    oops, nevermind
  15. [gnome] Re: Runlevel 6 authenticates user then goes to blank, grey screen with no menus

    Tried uninstalling lightdm and then reconfigure gdm and gnome?

    sudo apt-get purge lightdm
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm && sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome
  16. Re: Server crashed because of ufw (i think)

    I think we need some more information as to what exactly the crash was. can you post syslog from before the crash? Also, do you have kdump configured?
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server 12.04 random reboot? nothing in log!

    Is this a bare-metal install of ubuntu or are you running on top of some hypervisor?

    Were you not able to get CPU temp? ( ...
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    Re: Available Space issue with ZFS/iSCSI

    Maybe ZFS snapshots?
    zfs list -t snapshot

    edit: check this out:
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    Re: Know enough to be dangerous or am I crazy

    Could this be a difference between samba3 and samba4? Have you tried authenticating as username@workgroup? Can you post an example of your share config?
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    Re: SSH X-11 Port Forwarding on Mac

    since OSX has a similar bash shell, you just need to enable the ssh switch for x11 forwarding, which i believe is
    ssh -X user@ip

    Found this on the googles for ya:...
  21. Re: Not sure how to proceed with Ubuntu Installer

    the smoke is normal, it means your pc has lots of horsepower, like doing donuts because ubuntu makes your pc faster.
  22. Re: How to set up two different ip blocks on one server?

    Do you only have 1 NIC on the server or are the different gateways on different physically different routers/devices which would connect to different NICs on the server? if the former, the above will...
  23. Re: Ubunto 13.10 by Windows 8.1 (x64) Hyper-V

    In VMWare, the virtual console is bad resolution and extremely slow until you install the vmtools.. I've never used Hyper-V but they have something similar? have you installed it to the guest?...
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    Re: DL360p E5-2690 slower than expected

    To add on to the above: Raid5 will also slow down disk performance. If you have 8 drives, maybe you can try Raid1+0.
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    Re: Transmission Alias

    oops, sorry i misunderstood the post:confused: I'll go ahead and leave it alone!
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