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  1. Re: BitTorrent clients not working (even Transmission)

    Can you give an example of a torrent you are trying to base a download on? Perhaps you could get an Xubuntu torrent and see how that works.
  2. Re: How to build computer for Ubuntu?

    In order, the most likely components to cause grief because they are "the latest and greatest" are the motherboard, WiFi and video. It's easy to find a motherboard which has been available for...
  3. Re: Cannot get Ubuntu Installation on USB to boot.

    When you remove the Live USB and reboot, the USB with the installed Ubuntu is no longer SDC.

    I have found that life is easier if I use a Live DVD, then the installed USB doesn't jump around.
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    Re: OpenVPN Help

    Did you set up port forwarding on your router?
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    Re: Digikam not starting

    What version of Linux do you use? How did you install Digikam?
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Laptop slow after upgrade to 17.10, is my hardware too old?

    +1. The i3 is plenty fast enough to run current applications well. You should run top or htop to figure out what is consuming so much memory.
  7. Re: What's the best way to upgrade from 12.04 to 18.04?

    There are two great suggestions above: try a Live USB or Live DVD to check that the computer will work with a current OS, and install onto a new hard drive. Also consider Xubuntu, Lubuntu or Ubuntu...
  8. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Remove old kernels except the newest to the current one being used.

    sudo apt autoremove
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    [ubuntu] Re: Pulseaudio update

    There are often occasions when the Ubuntu team has not confirmed that a new version of an application is secure and works.
  10. Re: Is there a program like cryptkeeper for Ubuntu?

    Try SiriKali. I'm not sure if it's available for all *buntus.
  11. [xubuntu] Re: Internet problem - individual websites are unreachable

    What command produced the response which included dnsmasq?

    Is your wireless ipv4 set to DHCP?
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    Re: Server + GUI

    If you are considering starting over from scratch, the simplest thing would be to install Ubuntu Mate, then add the server bits you want.
  13. Re: Ubuntu keeps crashing on me - not sure what the cause is

    Then it's not overheating.

    When my desktop randomly crashed, it turned out to be an ACPI issue, but it often ran for a few days before crashing.

    I am no expert, but I think any temperature...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Command to find maker of monitor

    Yup, among other things, it says:
    DELL U2412M (DFP-0)
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    [SOLVED] Re: Command to find maker of monitor

    Running Xubuntu 17.10, hwinfo --monitor
    shows me nothing, but NVIDIA X Server Settings, under the X Server Display Configuration, correctly identifies my Dell U2412M.
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    Re: help a newcomer - new kernel

    If you are using the 4.10 kernel, I think that means you are running Ubuntu (or one of the family members) 17.04, which is no longer supported. You need to do a dist-upgrade to 17.10.

    But first,...
  17. Re: Ubuntu keeps crashing on me - not sure what the cause is

    To see the actual temperatures, install lm-sensors. Then run:
    sudo sensors-detect

    It will suggest adding a startup daemon, accept the suggestion and reboot. Then you can run the command:...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: no hdmi in 16.04 intel graphics (nvidia works, but gets too hot)

    Is opening up the laptop and cleaning it something you would consider tackling? Dust on the fans might cause loud, hot operation.
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    Re: I need a ubuntu mentor...

    With eight-year-old computers, they sometimes have a marginal amount of memory such as 1 GB. Do you know how much these units have?

    Also, Mint (Cinnamon) and Ubuntu are both fairly heavy users of...
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    Re: How much traffic is there really?

    Presumably, your network is connected via a router. In that case, the bulk of the attacks should stop at the router, and Performance Monitor, for example, would never see the activity. Unless your...
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    Re: Install Graphics Card

    Many computers have no built-in GPU. What graphics card did you try to install?

    Run these two commands:
    cd Desktop
    sudo lshw -html > config.htm

    Copy config.htm to a flash drive and carry it...
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    Re: can't install Ubuntu on SSD

    Ubuntu is a poor choice for such an old computer. I have heard that Lubuntu is much better, but I would probably just install Puppy Linux and use the old thing for browsing. I'm pretty sure that the...
  23. Re: Recommendations to Increase security on Ubuntu16.04 - first time user.

    For folder encryption, SiriKali, if it's available. (I'm on 17.04.)
  24. Re: wifi is connected, but wlan0 does not show up in ifconfig or iwconfig

    My wifi appears as wlp4s7, and the next line shows "inet", the IP address. wlan0 was retired some years ago.
  25. Re: Post your computer experience timeline - what machines you used.

    IBM 1401, System /360 Model 40, Model 20, Model 25, Model 85, Model 168.
    Commodore PET, SuperPET, 64, 128.
    A multi-user CP/M machine whose name escapes me. One hard drive, per-user processor...
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