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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Should I create a /boot partiton while installing Ubuntu if I already have Window

    If you install Ubuntu on the same disk as Windows and in the same BIOS/UEFI mode as Windows, Ubuntu will take over the existing boot partition to run GRUB from. If Windows is installed in BIOS mode...
  2. Re: Creating a Boot Image through chomebook

    I understand that the Android app EtchDroid will work on ChromeBooks:
    It is sorta like balenaEtcher...
  3. [all variants] Re: Can This Be Done Easily? Creating Stand Alone Offline Machine

    Tails is said to be very secure:
    It even comes with Tor Browser.
    Might be worth checking out.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Rufus for ubuntu ?

    I mainly use mkusb in Ubuntu because I like a Persistence partition and a dedicated Data partition and the program has other tools for playing with USB drives.

    Ventoy is not bad, it also allows...
  5. [all variants] Re: Can 20.10 be installed on an exFAT USB stick?

    exFAT ISO boot USB

    1) Flash USB with mkusb-ISO-Boot-Template:

    2) Format unpartitioned...
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    Re: dd bootable clone question

    As you show it, dd will overwrite the whole 2TB sdc drive leaving a lot of unformatted space, (1.5TB). This is okay if you want a duplicate cloned drive for backup, but a bit of waste if you just...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Fat 32 partition type in Ubuntu 20.04

    It is an EFI boot partition, so that you can boot in UEFI mode.
    It is there because you started your Live USB installer in UEFI mode.
    If instead you start your Live USB installer in BIOS mode you...
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    Re: dd bootable clone question

    This will overwrite everything on your target drive.

    I prefer creating clone image file using Gnome-Disks from a Live USB. The resulting image can be zipped to save space.

    Some people prefer...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Install Win7 over ubuntu

    Windows 10 ISO:
    Use mkusb to make an installer USB:
  10. [ubuntu] Re: How to create snapshot (iso) of current running system to be installed in others

    I am talking about using a .img file like Disks, (or dd), creates, not an .iso file. most Live USB creators can work with either. The .img file is a clone image of the OS's disk complete with boot...
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    Re: Can I Let Windows 10 Go?

    I used Rufus to put Windows-To-Go on a 15GB USB stick.
    A 64GB or 128GB stick would be better.
    The make of flash drive makes a big difference in performance.

    Oops, I now see the title of this...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: How to create snapshot (iso) of current running system to be installed in others

    I use Gnome-Disks on a Live USB to make an IMG file of a drive.
    I can then flash it to another drive using Rufus, Etcher, Win32DiskImager, Disks, dd or mkusb.
    The IMG file can be reduced in size...
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    Re: What are you listening to right now?

    Cyclonic storm Burevi
    The sound of heavy rain.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Retrieving Windows files with USB adapter; Linux install wiped out Windows.

    I installed Kubuntu live to my 4TB external USB, that had every public domain movie ever made on it, instead of to my 4GB flash drive.

    I tried every Linux file recovery software I could find on...
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    Re: Boot windows 10

    I think WoeUSB is not working with 20.04.

    Rufus worked for me in Windows as did the Windows media creation tool.

    Mkusb-plug worked for me in Ubuntu as did mkusb-dus....
  16. [SOLVED] Re: Can't boot from a new Ubuntu 20.04 USB drive

    You can often just extract a Linux ISO to USB and run it in UEFI mode, but I have not heard of this working in BIOS mode.

    Best to create a Live or Persistent USB installer drive using mkusb,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing 20.04 on USB drive

    How to Create a Full Install of Ubuntu 20.04 to USB Device Step by Step
    Several examples:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing 20.04 on USB drive

    You can install Ubuntu to the same drive, the Live USB was booted from, Just boot the Live USB toram:
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    Re: Boot up from Memory Stick

    For making a basic installation USB it is simplest to clone the ISO file to the USB as a ISO9660 partition.

    There are many tools that will do this including Etcher, (for Windows and Linux),...
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    [SOLVED] Re: mkusb questions

    This will pinpoint the info you seek from rbmorse's link:

    Select "restore to a standard storage device"
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: Installation to USB Drive

    Have you tried changing from the old 12.04 bootloader to the new 20.04 bootloader or vice versa?
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: Installation to USB Drive

    Did you make a Full install to your USB drive, or did you make a Persistent install?

    You should not do a software update to a Persistent install as it may fill your casper-rw or writable...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: restore usb stick to original (erase everything, partitions, EVERYTHING!)

    To delete a partition using GParted right click the partition and select Delete from the drop down menu.

    20.04.1 is the same no matter when you download it.
  24. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 Windows 10 dual-boot on one disk.

    Here is something that worked for me.
    Create a Full install Ubuntu USB.
    Plug the USB into the computer and boot it in the same BIOS or UEFI mode as the OS's on the computer.
    Run "sudo...
  25. Re: can updates be done on a USB booted live linux with persistance?

    Updates will quickly fill a Persistent USB's Persistence file or partition. The OS is on a read only ISO9660 partition or on a read only filesystem.squashfs file. When an update is done, new files...
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