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  1. Sucessfully installed WinXP in vmware. Runnung well but one question.

    As stated in the subject line, it appears that I have muddled through an install of WinXP onto Gutsy using vmware. I appreciate the help I was given.
    I have a question, if I may.

    Upon cleaning...
  2. I almost have XP installing in VMware but ran into a hitch.

    I'm running Gutsy and want to install XPPro into vmware.
    I used the instructions here:
    that j.bunce kindly provided.

    I have vmware installed. I...
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    Re: VMware player in Gutsy.

    I'll give that a shot tonight.

    It appears as though VMware is installed and running. It just says that it can't find ant bootable files, even though I have a bootable CD in the drive.
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    VMware player in Gutsy.

    I just installed VMware player 2.x in Gutsy. It tells me that it cannot find my cd rom which contains my WinXP installation disk.

    It returns error:
    cdrom.iso does not exist. and therefore cannot...
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