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  1. [kubuntu] Re: Brightness after suspend on Macbook2,1

    I reinstalled Kubuntu and installed 2.6.35 kernel from the mainline kernel PPA. Everything is working as expected now! No backlight problems.
  2. [kubuntu] Re: Brightness after suspend on Macbook2,1

    Ok, I've installed Linux Mint 9 (10.04 LTS base) and brightness stays the same after suspend. I may just stick with LTS for the time being.
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    [ubuntu] Re: MacBookPro 7,1 Brightness

    Do the brightness keys work? Try installing "pommed" and see if that helps with being able to adjust the brightness in steps.
  4. [kubuntu] Brightness after suspend on Macbook2,1

    I'm running Kubuntu Oneiric on a Macbook2,1. Regardless of whether pommed is running or not, and regardless of whether I've adjusted brightness before going to suspend, brightness is 100% *after*...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: OS-prober: cannot access /var/lib/os-prober/mount/boot

    Thanks for this. I love fixing problems in Debian by going to Ubuntu forums ;-)
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    [xubuntu] Re: Any word on XFCE 4.8 ppa?

    Thank you! Works like a charm under 10.10.
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    [all variants] Re: Which version do you use and why?

    Lubuntu (Maverick), because it's fast as heck (much more so than Xubuntu, in my experience) and is extremely customizable. Replace the kernel with a Tuxonice-enabled one from the PPA for faster...
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    [lubuntu] Re: lubuntu/lxde keyboard layout switching?

    Thanks... I'd seen that one, couldn't really figure out how to get there from here, if you know what I mean. I ended up just doing a minimal netboot install and installed a "minimal-enough" XFCE...
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    [lubuntu] lubuntu/lxde keyboard layout switching?

    I'm using lubuntu 10.04 beta 2. I've read wikis on xkb and various other topics related to switching keyboard layouts without the use of a dedicated applet (as lxde doesn't seem to yet have one) and...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: When opening something from MainMenu-Places, eveything opens with PCMAN. Why??

    Thanks -- I tried out LXDE last night and it was using PCMan instead of Nautilus in Gnome sessions, too. Very annoying.
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Rubyripper - Configure external USB CD-DVD Drive

    I just got my external CD drive working with it. It's /dev/sr1 (my internal drive is /dev/sr0) -- I discovered it by trying to play a CD in VLC and seeing how it referenced the drive.
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    Re: anybody happy with karmic?

    I was more or less happy with Karmic -- had better results with Intel video, etc., and then I discovered something very annoying. My Dynex USB webcam, which worked fine under the Karmic beta, no...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Question about Uninstalling Ubuntu

    This will fix it. There are 32- and 64-bit versions, too.
  14. [all variants] Re: flash player installed without asking?

    Thanks. Somehow "flashplugin-installer" got run -- must have been when I enabled codecs in Amarok.
  15. [all variants] flash player installed without asking?

    How would I find out what package installed without me asking for it specifically? I did not install flashplugin-nonfree.

    Using Kubuntu Karmic Beta (AMD64). Have only...
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    Re: HOWTO: Jaunty Intel Graphics Performance Guide

    Sweet. 64-bit Flash plugin has better, smoother video performance now under Linux on my laptop than the 32-bit version did under Vista.

    DVD / XviD playback now completely smooth, no tearing...
  17. Poll: Re: How To:MadWifi Support for AR2425 (AR5007EG) on 64bit Ubuntu !!!


    Just downgraded to Hardy because of Intel video issues in Jaunty. Glad to get my wifi working on this laptop!
  18. [xubuntu] xubuntu-desktop won't start after install in Ubuntu

    Hi all,

    I installed 8.04 (AMD64) today and decided to install xubuntu-desktop via apt-get in addition to the default Gnome desktop. I selected XFCE session from the login screen and nothing...
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